• The difference between A1 and A1 Pro

    The difference between A1 and A1 Pro

    Today, I read an article which said WalkingPad A1 and A1 Pro are the same machine but have the different price. I think this is definitely a misunderstanding of A1 Pro, because it has made great improvements in functions and performance. They look like a “twin brother" in name and appearance, which is the source of the misunderstanding, of course, if you learn more...
  • Running Safely in a Pandemic: The Rise of Virtual Running

    Running Safely in a Pandemic: The Rise of Virtual Running

    Depending on where life has placed you during quarantine, you may have ample space outside to roam about down a long country road or next to a spacious and tree-filled park – or, like most people, you probably found yourself squashed in a small apartment with the same people for months on end. Running is stress-relieving to many people, and when the initial quarantine...
  • WalkingPad Treadmill Comparison

    WalkingPad Treadmill Comparison

    WalkingPad treadmill is still too new to the market. It's a truly foldable treadmill that fits in small apartments. Some people may be confused about the differences between these 6 WalkingPad models. So we make this comparison chart for you to learn about WalkingPad models. WalkingPad Walking Treadmill Comparison Chart:   WalkingPad Treadmill Comparison Chart: As you can see, the biggest highlight of Walkingpad is the...
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