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laptop deep brown desk
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WalkingPad deep brown desk

Portable Laptop Standing Desk

Color: Black
Subtotal: $299


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deep brown desk

Portable Laptop Standing Desk

$399 $299

Portable Laptop Standing Desk

$399 $299
Color: Black

Are you a sedentary person? A standing desk dedicated to a healthy office is our Walkingpad's best companion. Especially solving the problems caused by being sedentary. Sitting and standing alternately, a variety of height adjustments to meet your needs. The sturdy and high-quality materials allow you to use it for a long time.

  • Height Display: Show the height. Adjust the desk to a specific height in centimeters.
  • Stable And Safe Frame: While ensuring that with the WalkingPad, ensure the simplicity and stability of the desk frame. 
    After comparing, you will know that its structure and materials are excellent.

Technical Parameters
Standard Lifting Table Frame
Drive System  Pneumatic lift table
Adjustable Height  YES
Lifting Speed   No-load 20mm/s
Lifting Capacity  50kg
Color  White, Black
Lifting Height   29.4-45.2 inch
Standard Table Board
Size 27.1 *19 inch 
Material   PVC, MDF
Color   White, Dark Brown
Package 2 Packages(Table Board& Lifting Table Frame)