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Why Buy Walking Pad 300lb Capacity?

After my investigation this month, many people struggle with losing weight, they have a strong desire, but don't know how to start. Many customers of the walking pad I follow up with told me, a walking pad with 300 lb capacity helps them a lot, not only preventing some health risks and improving physical health but also bringing them a comfortable sports experience and great mental health. That's why I write this article, After many trials, I can tell you seriously, a walking pad with 300lb capacity does great help for lose weight and keep healthy.
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Can A Walking Pad 300lb Help Lose Weight?

Yes. As one of the light sports, walking also helps you lose weight effectively. Through walking, we can burn body heat and then lose weight. However, want to gain an apparent lose weight result, we also need to eat less, making sure walking burns more calories than eating, only in this way, we will see a very lightweight.

And the biggest feature of the folding walking pad 300lb capacity is letting you walking anytime you want, don't control by busy work time and bad weather, or even traffic jam, just put it under the desk, you can walk at work, not only keep an active mind to raise work efficiency but also burn calories and lose weight.

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Walking Pad 300lb Capacity Questions

Based on the name, you can see how trusting the Walkingpad is. It's our brand name and trademark of Walkingpad, relying on many patent awards and advanced technology, we got it.

Walkingpad is the founder of foldable walking pad, all our walking pads can fold half, mainly designed for desk workers, Walkingpad walking pads are suitable for home and office usage, the main design purpose of the walking pad is to use the fragmented time to exercise, achieving sports anytime anywhere you want.

On the other hand, Walkingpad is a brand that integrates R&D, production, and creation, to ensure high quality and great exercise experience, it takes an average of half a year to develop a new product, during this period, we have been continuously improving, after a series of test, a walking pad will reach to our customers.

With a special concept, excellent style, superb production details, advanced technology, and innovative foldable function, Walkingpad won 6 international awards that contain red dot and iF, 220 patent applications, and 19 patents. All about these shows Walkingpad is a trustable brand. Any questions? We're happy here to help you.

Through customer feedback and market research, we published this 300lb capacity walking pad in April this year, based on the original Walkingpad A1 pro, the 300lb walking pad increases the bearing capacity, from 230lb to 300lb, which offers big convenience for losing weight and raising movement for heavy-duty people.

So far, the Walkingpad A1 pro mainly has black color, its classic tone and sturdy frame attract many people like, with 2 modes, the manual mode and automatic mode, you can change the speed freely.

Walkingpad A1 pro 300lb capacity is mainly designed for light sports, like walking and jogging, it helps you move more in your home and office. You can control speed from 0.5 to 6km/h, A1 pro under bed walking pad can support walking and jogging.

1. Fold half patent. The most apparent feature of Walkingpad walking pad 300lb capacity holds a patented design that can be folded in half. After sporting, lightly lift the rear end of the 300lb capacity walking pad, we can fold in half it, equipped with 2 built-in wheels at the bottom, a walking pad 300lb capacity is easy to move and store.

2. Small volume. With only a 12.9cm thickness of under desk walking pad 300lb capacity, you can put it in almost any place in your home, such as the position under the sofa, bed, and desk.

3. Smart auto control speed function. There are two ways you can adjust speed, one is remote, and the other is your foot feeling. Using the remote, you can preset the speed ahead. And for the foot feeling, which means the speed will automatically accelerate, in the middle position, the walking pad will keep a certain speed, while in the back of this 300lb capacity machine, it will slow the speed, letting you control speed freely and conveniently.

Benefiting from many features of the walking pad's 300lb capacity, we can enjoy more advantages and profit brought by a walking pad.

1. With a walking pad with 300lb capacity in your home or office, you don't need to go to the gym every day, which not only saves time and money but gives you a comfortable way to sport. We have to admit, sometimes, the crowd and noisy gym environment do let you feel embarrassed.

2. Combined walking with something you love, like reading, you can walk for a long time, we will find you can't read when you walk with your neighbor, but you can read for a long time when walking on a walking pad at home, which can improve your work efficiency.

3. Convenient. The walking pad is a fairly standard box with a great package, and it's fully assembled, just open the box, unfold it, plug in, and turn it on, and you can begin your daily sports. On the other hand, after usage, you can put it under the bed and sofa, what's more, with the help of wheels and handle, we can also stand it on the corner, so convenient for usage and storage.

4. A walking pad of 300 lb also helps multitask and save time. We have many things to deal with every day, such as work, laundry, interests, and hobbies, a walking pad of 300lb lets you walk using fragmented time, increases walking time and distance, at the same time, can't affect other tasks. Sometimes a walking pad of 300lb also helps a lot for multitasking, you can walk at work or at your relaxation time, which greatly saves you time.

The maximum weight of Walkingpad A1 pro is 136kg or 300lb.

The speed of Walking Pad A1 pro is 0.5-6km/h, you can walk during this period.

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