Kingsmith WalkingPad C1 foldable walking machine home exercise equipment

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Treadmill for Home

Kingsmith WalkingPad C1 treadmill is perfect for home use. When the weather condition or air quality is poor outside, or you just don’t feel like going to the gym, a compact treadmill can save you from the guilty of sitting around at home. Wherever you live or however large your house is, a compact treadmill can be folded and put under the sofa or bed. You can walk, jog, or run while watching TV. It is also suitable for children and senior citizens. Kingsmith WalkingPad makes sports easier and achievable.


Study & Auto-adaptive Speed

The walking treadmill is smart enough to monitor your pace and automatically adapt to your speed. If you want to speed up, you can walk up to the acceleration zone, the walking treadmill will then automatically accelerate without a remoter, and vice versa. The middle zone is designed for constant rate.


Beautifully Minimalist Design

As the winner of the 2018 Red Dot Award for product design and 2019 Design Award, Kingsmith WalkingPad leverages its innovation expertise to sustain its leading position in the fitness equipment industry in China. The beautifully engineered minimalist design revolutionizes the traditional steel frame structure to create a fresh and brand new look for Kingsmith WalkingPad.


Run as on the Real Plastic Track

A soft shock absorption layer called EVA is embedded in the middle of the walking pad and walking belt, which makes it feel like a real plastic track. This kind of track can protect your ankles and makes it smoother while running.



Product Name:Kingsmith WalkingPad C1 Treadmill
Working Dimensions:1449 × 558 × 117mm
Folded Dimensions:855 × 528 × 145.5mm
Walking Surface:1200 * 415mm / 47” * 16.5”
Gross Weight:25kg 
Net Weight:22kg 
Maximum Capacity:100kg / 220 lbs
Minimum Speed:0.5km/hr / 0.5mi/hr
Maximum Speed:6.0km/hr / 3.75mi/hr
Rated Power:0.75hp
Rated Voltage:110V
Mode:Standby, Manual, Automatic


Package Included:

Kingsmith WalkingPad C1 * 1 
Power Cord * 1 
Remote Control * 1 
Remote Control Lanyard * 1 
Allan Wrench * 1 
Silicon Lubricant * 1