WalkingPad A1 pro foldable treadmill
A1 pro walking pad
A1 pro foldable under desk treadmill
A1 pro heavy duty walking pad
A1 pro black walking pad
A1 pro foldable black walking pad
A1 pro heavy duty walking pad
A1 pro heavy duty treadmill
A1 pro walking pad

WalkingPad A1 Pro Foldable Under Desk Treadmill

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How to use?

Version: 110V For U.S.
Maximum Load: 300 lbs
Buy Together With: None
Subtotal: $699.00


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Want to lose weight easily at your home? WalkingPad A1 pro-heavy-duty treadmill helps a lot. A1 Pro is the first foldable treadmill that affords 300 lbs, bigger horsepower, wider and longer belt, and larger weight capacity, making A1 Pro an excellent walking machine for heavy-duty people. Equipped with flexible wheels, the WalkingPad A1 pro is easy to store and move. Adopt a classic black color and advanced IML tech, A1 pro-heavy-duty walking pad not only enjoys an excellent appearance but also a long service time. Due to the patent 180-degree folding tech, A1 pro treadmill can be put under the desk, sofa, and bed, letting you walk anywhere you want, burn more calories, and lose more weight. 

  • UNIQUE FOLDABLE DESIGN Adopt to exclusive patented technology, A1 pro heavy duty walking pad for heavy duty is fully folded (12.9cm after folding), which can be put in a small place.
  • LED DISPLAY Combined with superior IML tech and soft LED lights, A1 pro treadmill heavy duty offers a clear data display that includes time, speed, steps, and calories burned.
  • THREE WAYS SPEED CONTROL Smart foot control speed on A mode, remote and KS fit APP adjust speed on M mode, allowing you to change speed easily and safely. Note: A mode (Automatic mode) will be affected if A1 pro treadmill is used on a carpet.
  • LONGER AND WIDER BELT With a folding dimension of 32.5'' x 21.5'' x 5'', and expansion dimension of 56.5'' x 21.5'' x 5'', A1 pro walking pad heavy duty ensures comfortable exercise.
  • LARGE WEIGHT CAPACITY A1 pro offers 2 options for weight capacity, one is 105kg (230lbs), and another is 136kg (300lbs), meeting different weight capacity demands.
  • EASY USAGE AND ASSEMBLE Don't need to extra assemble, open the box, and you will get a complete walking treadmill.
  • A GREAT BRUSHLESS MOTOR offers a quiet workout environment and extend A1 pro service life effectively.

Technical Parameters

 Product Name :

WalkingPad A1 Pro Foldable Treadmill

 Motor : Brushless motor
 Power Input : 932 W
 Panel Craftsmanship : High precision IML injection molding
 Display Feedback : Time, Speed, Distance, Calories, Steps
 Speed Range : 0.5 - 3.72MPH / 6KPH
 Double Fold Technology : YES
 Unfold Size : 56.37 * 21.5 * 5in / 1432 * 547 * 129mm
 Folded Size : 32.5 * 21.5 * 5in / 822 * 547 * 129mm
 User Capacity : Available Options: [230 lbs / 105KG ] AND [ 300 lbs / 136KG ]
 Walking Area : 47 * 16.5in / 1200 * 415mm
 Mode : Standby, Manual, Automatic
Package Included
WalkingPad * 1 Power Cord * 1 
Remote Control * 1  Remote Control Lanyard * 1 
Allan Wrench * 1 
Packing Detail
 Net Weight : 61.73 lbs / 28KG
 Gross Weight : 68.34 lbs / 31KG
Additional Option
 APP : KS Fit
 Color option : Quiet Black