WalkingPad R2 Foldable Walking&Running Treadmill


"Finally, I made the decision to go for a run. Raining? You've got to be kidding!" Make it happen at home! Never let the weather get in the way of your workout. Staying at home and using the WalkingPad R2 foldable treadmill gives you a better experience. While exercising, you can watch a TV show. This home treadmill not only allows you to exercise, but its foldable features allow you to store it in the corner or under the sofa at home or the office.
WalkingPad R2 has walking and running forms, allowing you to exercise without having to go to the gym, which is especially useful when the weather is nasty.

  • UNIQUE FOLDABLE DESIGN  The 180-degree folding reduces the amount of space required. It can be stored in an upright position.
  • DIGITAL MONITOR  The KS Fit app simultaneously displays your time, speed, steps, and calories burned.
  • PHONE HOLDER  Use the holder to hold your tablet or phone.
  • INTEGRATED LUXURY FRAME Black spray paint enhances the beauty and durability of the frame.
  • SPEED CONTROL BY FEET Intelligent speed control by sensing the steps (only in Walking form) ("A" Mode)
    Technical Parameters
     Product Name : WalkingPad R2 Treadmill
     Motor : Brushless motor
     Panel Craftsmanship : Metallic spray paint
     Rated Power : 918W
     Display Feedback : Time, Speed, Distance, Calories, Steps
     Remote Display Screen : Display feedback data
     Speed Range : 0.5-10KM/H
     Double Fold Technology : YES
     Unfold Size : 1452*720*1032mm  
     Folded Size : 1000*720*162mm  
     User Capacity : 100KG / 220 lbs
     Walking Area : 1200*439mm / 47.2" * 17.3"
     Sport mode:  Walking mode / Running mode
    Package Included
    WalkingPad * 1 Power Cord * 1 
    Remote Control * 1  Remote Control Lanyard * 1 
    Allan Wrench * 1  Silicon Lubricant * 1
    Packing Detail
     Net Weight : 36kg / 79 lbs
     Gross Weight : 40.5kg / 89 lbs
    Additional Option
     APP : Available for both IOS & Android
     Color option : Sliver


      Processing time: in 48 business hours ;  Shipping method: Fedex & UPS ;
      Shipping time: 5-7 business days ;   Shipping fee: Free in the US;

      *Note that Covid-19 affects delivery and causes a certain delay.


      If you return the product within 30 days from the delivery date, please email support@WalkingPad.com with your order number or other contact information provided when submitting the order. Based on the supplied details, our team will confirm your return.

      Learn More

      You may modify the height of the handrail on WalkingPad R2. The WalkingPad's innovative hinge design enables it to be folded in under three seconds.
      With a floor area of 0.11m2, the vertical storage solution is easy and space-saving.

      The integrated aluminum alloy frame, constant black paint, and basic yet robust shape demonstrate the
      beauty of balanced aesthetics and a sense of strength.

      The platform's comfortable, smart, and safe design, as well as the running belt, replicate the sensation of jogging on a real running track.


      Storage box - Phone holder


      Adjustable Handrail


      Compact remote control


      Anti-slip vertical storage


      Safe metal footplates

      WalkingPad R2 Foldable Walking&Running Treadmill
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