Behind the scene

Founded in 2015, King Smith WalkingPad is an intelligent fitness software & hardware enterprise integrating research and development, production and sales.

OUR Story

From a member of the founding team: It's going to be my dopamine maker. A few years ago, my team members and I were postgraduates and doctoral students at the University of Science and Technology of China. Our devoted efforts for the cutting- edge scientific research in robotics won us the runner-up and champion of the RoboCupin 2013 and 2014 respectively...

The new product: WalkingPad

WalkingPad had never existed before. It was invented by King Smith. As a model launched via the platform of Mi Crowdfunding, Al emerged suddenly and spread like wild- fire on the Internet, successfully creating the new category called "WalkingPad".

Ours Core Value

With light sports and light life as the brand concept, WalkingPad provides a convenient solution for the fitness program at the time of fragmentation. We're willing to help office workers improve and maintain their health through light exercise with beautifully engineered minimalist designed product. By specializing in solutions created uniquely for the home, and workplace, and everywhere in between, WalkingPad is helping to empower individuals to find better health regardless of the setting. With WalkingPad exercise equipment, you're free from the sedentary lifestyle.
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