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How to lubricate the belt for WalkingPad treadmill

by King Smith 01 Nov 2020

You may need weekly or monthly maintenance for traditional treadmills. Sometimes it costs much for the repair or maintenance service even though you use this big machine not as often as at the beginning.

But maintenance for WalkingPad treadmill is much more simple. You don't have to do regular maintenance for the machine. Just keep it clean and placed stable. You just need to lubricate the treadmill belt every 3 months.


How do you lubricate a WalkingPad treadmill?

It's very easy. Please follow the steps below:

First, let’s lift half of the foldable walking pads up so the belt will become loose. There will be enough space for lubricating Add 1-2 drops of silicon oil to the surface below the belt.

1 or 2 drops will be just fine. You can find the silicon oil locally, any kind of Silicone Oil that fits the treadmill is OK. Remember to center the belt when putting the machine down.

Make the WalkingPad run at a slow speed for a while to spread the oil evenly, then we're good to go.

Here's a tutorial video you can follow:

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