WalkingPad R1 Pro foldable gym alternative exercise machine

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“Finally I decide to go running now and it’s raining? No kidding!” Do it at home! Never let the weather ruin your exercising mood. Our WalkingPad R1 Pro allows you to have a better experience if you just want to stay home. Enjoy your exciting drama while exercising, And It doesn’t take any big space.

This WalkingPad R1 Pro does not only provide you with exercising chances, but its foldable attribute also fits perfectly in the corner or under the sofa at home or in the office.

By providing walking and running mode, especially in bad weather days, our WalkingPad R1 Pro allows you to do exercise without going to the gym.


No driving, no meters, no hassle, and free of charge. The best place for indoor running is at home.

Office exercises

Does your back hurt after 3 hours behind the monitor?
Enjoy perfect walking and working experience with R1 Pro walking mode. And simply put it beside your desk when not in use.


Exercise should be fun. Enjoy running with the company of your favorite TV shows on Netflix.



Expansion dimensions: 59"x28.3"x35.4"
Folding dimensions: 38.5"x28.3"x6.1"
Walking Area: 47.2"x17.3"
Gross weight: 38kg / 83.7lbs
Net weight: 33kg / 72.7lbs
Maximum load: 110kg / 242lbs
Applicable age: 14-60 years old
Speed range: 0.5-10 km/h / 0 - 6.2mph
Rated voltage: 110V/220V ~ 50Hz
Sport mode: Walking mode / Running mode


Package includes:

WalkingPad R1 Pro x1
Remote control x1
Safety key x1
Power plug x1
Hexagonal wrench x1
Instruction manual x1