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Is Walking on Treadmill Under Desk Effective?

by King Smith 27 Sep 2023

The nature of today’s work environment involves sitting at a desk in front of a computer. In fact, six out of ten workers sit at a desk for nine hours a day, according to the Economic Times. For this reason, more remote and office workers are opting for walking treadmills under desks to stay active and increase productivity at work.

As more research comes out about the harmful effects of sitting too long, such as high blood pressure, weight gain, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar levels, people are asking, “Is walking on a treadmill under your desk effective in staying healthy?” 

Kinds of under desk treadmills

With A Walking Desk Treadmill, You Can Enjoy......

When living a sedentary lifestyle, the health implications are profound, shaving years off of your life. 

Walking on a desk treadmill at your desk during the working day can greatly benefit your health and productivity.

Adding a comfortable, slow-paced, yet consistent walk throughout the day as you answer emails or attend online meetings can boost your energy levels, improve your cardiovascular health, reduce back pain, and improve mental health.

It can take around two hours to get in the recommended 10,000 steps per day. Most office workers don’t have the luxury of walking outside the office for this long.

With an under desk walking treadmill, you can effectively walk 10,000 steps or approximately eight kilometers before your lunch break.

Adding a desk walking treadmill will help you reverse harmful health issues while prolonging your life, all without disrupting your workday tasks. 

walking pad usage

5 Unique Benefits of Walking Treadmill Under Desk

Improve Cognitive Health
By walking consistently, you can improve your cognitive health. Studies show that walking 9,800 steps a day decreases the chances of developing dementia by 50%. 

Reduce Back Pain
Many office chairs are not designed to care for our bodies for hours on end. A walking pad desk treadmill effectively reduces back pain from sitting on uncomfortable office chairs. 

Improve Cardiovascular Health
Your heart is one of the organs you must pay attention to when it comes to your health. Walking under desk treadmill daily will improve your blood pressure and overall cardiovascular health.

Increase Energy Levels
Sitting all day can make you feel sluggish, especially when the workday ends, and it’s time to go home. A walking pad treadmill for the station will increase your energy levels and prepare you to take on the rest of the day after your 9-5. 

Increase Productivity
When walking on treadmill on work, you can effectively increase your productivity at work. Walking helps improve your focus on tasks, deterring you from becoming distracted. So, not only will your health thank you for walking at work, but your boss will, too! 

Desk Walking Treadmill Features for Office and Remote Work

WalkingPad makes walking on the treadmill at your desk easy, safe, and effective. Taking up limited space and with optimal storage thanks to its foldable design, workers can use the WalkingPad in the office or at home. 

Lightweight and Foldable Design
The lightweight and foldable design makes it easy to move, position, and store the WalkingPad in any environment. When you’re finished walking for the day, simply fold it in half and store it as needed. 

Reach Your Goals
With an easy-to-use BlueTooth remote you can set the speed as needed or stop altogether to reach your step goal for the day, which is displayed on the LED screen. Seeing your progress throughout the day boosts motivation and encourages you to achieve your daily fitness goals.

Optimize Your Walk
The walking treadmill for under desk has speeds that range from one to six kilometers per hour, allowing you to adjust your speed as you see fit for your goals and health. Reach your step count goal faster by increasing the speed and getting your heart pumping even more for improved cardiovascular health.

How to Set Up Your WalkingPad Office

When you use a WalkingPad at the office or home while working, your office setup will look a bit different. 

Enjoy Walking Treadmill More with Standing Desk 

To effectively use a small walking treadmill you will need a standing desk for optimal use. 

Our standing desk is versatile in height and color to match your WalkingPad. With one-click electric adjustments, you can set the perfect height comfortably for your walking posture. 

Adjusting your standing desk is stable and quiet so you won’t disturb colleagues in an office setting. It’s also highly stable, ensuring your belongings stay in place during height adjustments.

Tired and dizzy for when long time sitting? Why not stand up and walk for several minutes? Only need to click softly, and you will get your ideal desk height for work, walking slowly when reading and writing, moving more, and creating more, leading to an efficient and relaxing work environment. 

Great Walking Mat Under Desk Helps A Lot for Quiet Workout Place

treadmill mat

Using high-end environment-friendly materials, the WalkingPad treadmill mat enjoys brilliant quality and long service life. It's proven that the sound can be reduced by 15 to 20 decibels.

With a walking mat for your desk, you can prevent dust from the treadmill, and extend the walking treadmill under desk work life, enjoy a quiet sports environment anytime. 

Experience the Effects of Walking on a Treadmill at Your Desk

Are you tired of feeling sluggish and unmotivated after a day of sitting at your desk at work? 

Are you ready to take control of your health and physical appearance while also increasing productivity at work?

The WalkingPad is the answer you’ve been searching for. Lightweight and quiet, the WalkingPad is perfect for office and remote workers who want to take advantage of their time sitting at a desk to improve their health. 

Order your walking pad and experience the health benefits it offers today! 

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