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⚡WalkingPad A1 Pro Foldable Under Desk Treadmill
WalkingPad C2 Mini Foldable Walking Treadmill
From $400.00
From $400.00
WalkingPad P1 Foldable Walking Treadmill
From $389.00
From $389.00
WalkingPad C1 Lightest Foldable Walking Machine
From $349.00
From $349.00
WalkingPad C2 Colorful Foldable Walking Treadmill
WalkingPad Pink P1 Foldable Walking Treadmill
WalkingPad R2 Walk&Run 2IN1 Foldable Treadmill 【2023 Version】
WalkingPad R1 Pro 2IN1 Foldable Treadmill 【2022 Version】
WalkingPad X21 Double-Fold Treadmill 【High-End Version】

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Walking Pad Treadmills Questions

Is walking pad treadmill useful, how can I use it, why do I need walking pad treadmill, what are the benefits of a treadmill walking pad, and how to choose a suitable walking pad treadmill? The moment you search for it, I guess you have lots of questions on your mind, looking below, you will definitely find what you want.

Due to the fast working pace and heavy life stress, many people actually live in a sub-health state, but short time slices and limited energy hinder our movement, it's impossible that go to the gym anytime, but due to limited space of home and office, we also can't bring regular treadmill into home too, so how to solve this situation, that's why we design and publish these small foldable walking pads.

Yes. The best walk pad treadmill is good for our health, time, space, and money.

Firstly, we should clarify one point, the walking pad for under desk advocates the concept of light life and exercise, for sedentary people, sport beginners, and this crowd who can't do strenuous exercise, a treadmill walking pad is more suitable and holds great value. Compared to other sports at home, one of the obvious features of a folding walking treadmill pad is letting people move anytime.

At the same time, walking can be said to be a zero-threshold exercise, don't worry about nature or the wrong posture bringing harm to the body, however, if you think walking is useless, then you're wrong. It turned out by the New England Journal of Medicine, that walking over three hours a week can reduce 35% to 40% risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease.

As we all know, people hold limited energy, when they spend more on writing, learning, watching TV, family, and other work, less time is left for exercise. A walking pad treadmill can solve this problem great, you can walk several minutes before breakfast, on the sneak of lunch, or even at work, which can relieve our health condition effectively.

All WalkingPad walking treadmill pad is foldable and portable, compared to other treadmills, WalkingPad treadmill is folded in half, which means only compact and small space you need to prepare, you can exercise anytime. In a word, no matter health or time, as well as money, the walking pad treadmills are worth investing in.

Compared to the treadmill, the best walking pad treadmill actually have less function, it's totally suitable for these crowds.

1. People who can't do strength sports. For instance, if one suffers from arthritis, meniscus or ligament injury, lumbar problems, heart disease, and many kinds of sports they can't do, walking is a relatively friendly exercise for them, and a walking pad treadmill for the workstation is the best choice.

2. These one who likes light sports. Sometimes, there is someone who doesn't like running, they only want to make some movement to keep active and healthy, under this situation, a cheap walking pad treadmill is a smart choice.

3. People with limited time and energy, and prefer sports on fragmentation time. An electric walking pad treadmill lets you walk at work, it can build your body, and keep an active mind, which benefits a lot.

4. The one who doesn't like big noise and doesn't have big space for the treadmill. Compared to a traditional running treadmill, a treadmill walking pad can be folded in half and put under the desk, bed, and sofa, only needs a small space, for an apartment and limited space, which is a better idea.

In a word, by owning an electric walking pad treadmill, you can enjoy the features of small volume, foldable and portable, convenient for movement and storage, and less cost.

1. Comfortable and foldable. A walking pad treadmill can be folded in half, for an office desk, lifting table, and some small space, you can put this best walking pad treadmill under the desk. The foldable walking pad treadmill for sale enjoys 13 cm thickness, covers an area of about 0.8 square meters, equipped with 2 built-in wheels and a sturdy handle, then we can place it easily, at the same time, a treadmill walking pad also can be put in a corner, and leaning against the wall, which really doesn't take up any space.

2. Quiet and convenient. No matter when you want to exercise, after sunset or during the storm, whatever you want to do, only want to move more to recover physical fitness and endurance, these quiet walking pad treadmills are always your great choice. Because of the four layers of professional track-level running layer design, and the adaptation of the brushless motor, the home treadmill walking pad enjoys a small voice when operating, about 50 to 60 decibels, you can also place a mat on the spot you want to put the portable walking pad treadmill, which can minimize noise effectively, never worry about disturbing your neighbors or colleagues.

3. Fashion appearance. The one-piece aluminum alloy skeleton design gives this treadmill walking pad a foldable aesthetic feeling between design and strength. Many colors you can choose from in WalkingPad, like energetic red, youth pink, clean white, fashion blue, and classic black, no matter which one you want, there is always one to match your home style or personality.

4. Exercise freely. The most apparent difference with a walking pad treadmill is that you exercise freely, and you can move anytime you want at home and the office, compared to running, walking can make the body less tired, but make you focus more and keep the brain in a state of excitement, which can help us generate more inspiration, and raise work efficiency.

5. Walking also brings many benefits to our body. Such as improving sleep quality, lowering blood sugar, making the body more energetic, and losing body fat. In a word, a walking pad folding treadmill can improve the quality of life and keep our body in a good state.

6. Save time, space, and money. I have no doubt that a foldable treadmill walking pad can save space to a maximum extent, compared to the large-scale running machine, you only need to invest less for a high-quality walking pad. At the same time, with a walking pad treadmill, you can save more time on the way to the gym, and don't need to face terrible traffic jams and noisy gym environment, so convenient it is.

1. Horsepower. Usually the chp is more important than the hp, the chp refers to the continuous horsepower a motor offers, which makes decisions for running speed and weight capacity of walking pad treadmills.

2. Belt size. The belt size plays a vital role in walking comfort. We need to choose belt size based on our height, the taller you are, the longer and wider the running belt area.

3. Shock-absorb design. This shock-absorbing design depends on the cushioning ability of the knee, good shock absorption is capable of protecting the knee and ankle, as well as reducing noise effectively.

4. Other features. Besides a treadmill walking pad also holds a sturdy handle, and it can be controlled by remote and smartphone, both of them can offer you a better walking experience, and also ensure your safety.

1. Speed. The biggest speed of the WalkingPad walking treadmill is 6km/h, while a running treadmill can reach 12km/h.

2. Belt size. Usually a running treadmill holds a longer and wider belt size than a walk pad treadmill considering the comfort of running.

3. Function. A running treadmill holds more function than a walking treadmill, such as the design of a safety key and handle.

4. Aimed at different exercises. A treadmill walking pad suits light sports, while a running treadmill is fit for strength exercise, and the biggest function of walking is to keep the mind active, and moving while running is better for losing weight.

As we mentioned above, the electric treadmill walking pad is mainly designed for light life and light exercise, the treadmill for walking holds a maximum speed of 6km/h, and the 2 1 walking pad treadmill can reach 12km/h.

So far, the weight capacity of the WalkingPad treadmill can arrive at 300 lbs. Aimed at different demands, we design several kinds of portable walking pad treadmills, based on your weight, together with other factors, like budget and features, you can choose your most suitable one.

Yes. Commonly, the speed of walking pad treadmill can reach 6km/h, on which you can jog and walk, while if you chase faster speed, you can choose our 2 in 1 foldable treadmill, like R1 Pro, R2 and X21, which holds a fast speed of 12km/h, both walking and running you can all get.

WalkingPad is the first company to design and publish walking pad treadmills, at the same time, we are also the pioneer of foldable walking pad treadmills. The walking pad treadmill machine will solve these traditional questions brought by the running machine, such as the large volume and big noise, based on personal interests and physical requirements, instead of running, some people will prefer walking, then a treadmill walking pad will satisfy their demand greatly, and also a walking pad treadmill can solve many actual problems of ou r customers.

The WalkingPad treadmill can fold in half, with a folding thickness of 12.9cm, which can be placed in a small space. Small, thin, and lightweight are the main features of the WalkingPad treadmills.

Relying on mature technology and excellent products, WalkingPad won a high reputation among our customers around the world. And we're also trying our best to explore people's demand to improve and expand our treadmill products. Any ideas or suggestions? Contact us now!

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Running on treadmill vs outside? Running on a treadmill is the best choice when outdoor running is affected by the weather. The walkingpad with foldable body is the best treadmill for home when the weather isn't that great outside and to get some workout when we are watching TV. If you are an office worker, you can choose our under desk walking treadmill so that you can work while walking. This compact foldable walking treadmill is a must if you are a workaholic but need to stay active indoors.