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Is It Better to Walk on A Treadmill

Of course, lots of evidence showed that walking on a treadmill is great, which does lots of help for our health. Compared to the traditional running machine, the WalkingPad treadmill is cheaper and smaller, due to the foldable features, the walking treadmill needs less space, which can be put under the bed, sofa, or desk, and you can start exercising whenever you want. It's reported that 43 million are wide using walking treadmills every day, which turn out to be a simple and effective sport method. Any people who do exercise regularly know that a daily walk really can lighten your day, which is one of the important parts to create a healthy and good working environment. When you want to stretch your body but don't want to go outside, a walking treadmill will be a great choice.

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What's Walking Treadmill?

Just as its name implied, the walking treadmill is equipment designed for people to walk while staying in the same place, which is foldable and needs less space, though changing the speed of the treadmill belt to increase walking speed. A home walking treadmill comes true to your free movement that can't be limited by bad weather and busy work time. Any Walking treadmills under desk can be folded to put under the bed, desk, and sofa. Tired and dizzy at work, walking on a treadmill for about 10 minutes, you will get your mood back. It's nothing to do but watch TV at home on the weekend, why not walk as well? Equipped with built-in wheel, you can easily move this walking treadmill into the living room and start your exercise.

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Why Trust WalkingPad?

As the leader of a foldable walking treadmill, WalkingPad offers a wide range of walking treadmills with different speeds, dimensions, sizes, and weight capacities to choose from. Relying on more than 20 years of experience, after a series of research, design, production, and innovation, WalkingPad walking treadmill for beginner and seniors won the like and trust of millions of consumers, and our product has sold to around 80 countries and regions in the world. Choose WalkingPad, you can be completely assured of the quality. WalkingPad walking treadmills enjoy the wonderful appearance, advanced technology, portable and foldable, excellent quality, and reasonable price, which is your first choice.

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Walking Treadmill Questions

No matter whether you want to do sweat exercise or pace sport exercise, based on your goal, health requirement, and budget, a best under desk treadmills on home or office will always be your great choice. However, if you're a sport beginner, maybe you need to think twice before investing, sometimes, we can't use it as we expect, so you need to think of the budget and usage frequency before ordering. Faced with several types of walking treadmills on WalkingPad, then which one is your best? How to choose it, then you need to consider the factors below.

1. Budget. Compared with running treadmill, walking a treadmill cost less. Not like running treadmills, 3mph speed and 1hp motor is okay for walking treadmills. If only want to used to do daily sports, then the simple function is okay. One point you should notice is less budget doesn't mean bad quality, all WalkingPad walking treadmills are adopting advanced technology and enjoy high quality, the difference between low price and high price is the function, motor, dimension, and size. If don't have high demand, then the basic walking treadmill is a suitable one.

2. Size. Usually, the size of a walking treadmill is smaller than a running treadmill.

3. Foldability and storability. All WalkingPad walking treadmill is foldable, the only thing you need to consider is the folding dimensions and expansion dimensions to prepare the suitable space.

4. Features. The biggest feature of the WalkingPad walking treadmill is foldable. Besides, we design a two way control methods, the remote and App, these useful designs let this walking treadmill easy operation. What's more, a clear display will show you the time, speed, steps, and calories burned, letting you know your exercise condition.

5. Horsepower. The motor of a walking treadmill is measured by horsepower, usually, the more horsepower, the faster speed. For the average jogger, we suggest 2 or more horsepower is great, while for a walker, 1 to 1.5 horsepower is okay.

For most adults, walking daily exercise is suitable. For a walker to resist the boredom of work, keep the mind active, or build a body, nothing more than a walking treadmill is suitable.

A walking treadmill at home will offer a sports experience for every family member. Little sports can keep active, relieve fatigue, recover, and improve your health condition, more walking does well for training. No matter which kind of exercise, you can also benefit from walking treadmill.

If you want to feel the fresh air and nature green, walking on the ground will be better, besides this point, you will benefit a lot when walking on the treadmill. On the one hand, walking on the treadmill save more time and space, you can walk anytime you want, on the other hand, you can also increase the speed the time you want. When watching TV, listening to music, and working, you can also do some walks.

I have recommended this convenient walking treadmill to all my friends after I used about 2 months, I feel how wonderful life a walking treadmill brought, such as burning calories, keeping active, building a body, and so on.

It depends on your choice, for instance, if you have enough time to walk outside, then it's okay, however, if you don't, walking on a treadmill will be a great choice. Besides, you should consider the bad weather situation, for rainy days, cold weather in winter or hot summer, of course, walking on the treadmill in home is perfect. For walking outside, invest a pair of sports shoes will be enough, but it's limited by weather or something else. While the treadmill needs more, enjoys free exercise time, and is better controlled.

Usually, 3 miles per hour is good for a walker, WalkingPad walking treadmill can reach 3.7 MPH, if you want, you can also use this speed for jogging. Of course, based on your fitness level and experience, you can also change this speed.

Yes, walking on a treadmill is considered a cardio workout, which works for the heart, lungs, and large muscle groups, letting them work harder and increasing the efficiency of the lungs, heart, circulatory system, and muscles. To protect the cardiovascular system, walk speed and strength need to fit the demand of the heart, lungs, and muscles, which is varied among people.

In a word, the walking treadmill provides a stable walking surface, which makes our daily work more convenient without the limitation of weather and busy work, leaving you a healthy and great body and metal.

It's reported that walking on a treadmill is an effective way to lose fat, the study found, that people with obesity walk three times a week, 50 minutes each time can lose weight and reduce fat, this fat contains subcutaneous fat, visceral fat, and belly fat, walking on the apartment treadmills is proven and useful methods to burn fat.

Many people may pursue high-intensity and sweaty exercise when considering losing fat, however, actually low-intensity exercise or activity can burn more calories. The vital principle of losing weight is to burn more calories than produced.

Non-exercise activity thermogenesis, or NEAT refers to burned calories by any informal sports, such as walking, cleaning the room, doing the laundry, and so on. Scientific research shows, compared with EAT(exercise activity), for losing weight, NEAT makes a great contribution, and increasing walking steps every day is a various way to enhance this number, therefore, the using of a walking treadmill can increase the burned calories, and lose weight.

There are several things we need to consider when walking on the treadmill, David said, because of small friction and wind resistance, walking on the treadmill can bring a better whole balance, which not only prevents older from falling down but also avoids injury.

What speed should use when walking

Choosing a quite comfortable speed for walking is necessary, slow down when your breath is tight, if not sweating, and the sport is soft you feel, then fasten the speed. But you have to stop off when feeling any shin splint that is caused more by strenuous exercise. Usually, with 2 to 4 miles per hour walking speed is fit for common people, and 5-6 km/h is a fast walk or light jog.

30 minutes of sports one day is satisfied the demand of metal and body, rely on the suggestions of the CDC, an adult needs about 150 minutes of sports, of course, you can divide it into 30 minutes every day.

1. If find treadmill stops moving when fully standing, which means this machine needs more lubricating. Sometimes, the manufacturer will do the lubricating ahead, while, some walking treadmills don't, to ensure long service life and great work state, you can lubricate the walking treadmill based on the manufacturer's instruction.

2. If treadmill belts move horizontally back and forth, then you need to tighten it. Usually, the bolt on both sides of the back of the deck control tightness.

3. If the measured data on display isn't accurate, we need to calibrate it according to the instructions in the manual.

4. The treadmill needs to be swiped out every day if you find your pet love hanging out around it.

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