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What's Under Desk Treadmill

Under desk treadmill refers to a treadmill that can be stored under the desk, we can walk at work, compared to the regular treadmill, it's small, lightweight, foldable, and portable, leaving a great user experience when matched with a standing desk.

Is Under The Desk Treadmill Worth It?

The one who is unfamiliar with this treadmill may ask. And I can tell you for sure, yes, of course. A small under desk treadmill has so many features and benefits that help you a lot.  Based on your lifestyle, goals, and movement ability, you can always choose one on WalkingPad to build body and relax. Walking when working and reading, become thinner and healthier.

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Why Trust WalkingPad

Owned more than 20 years experience, Kingsmith WalkingPad is quite confident to offer you several types of desk treadmills. We have a professional expert team to detect and investigate kinds of treadmills, and then make upgrades and improvements. WalkingPad under-desk treadmills perfectly conform to human mechanics, and have a good fitness effect while working. High quality, fashion appearance, compact, lightweight, and foldable features attract lots of consumers.  Besides, all WalkingPad stand up desk treadmills enjoy 1 years warranty, which saves you a lot of worries. Choose your own under desk treadmill, and start your fitness journey now. 

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2 Main Types of Under Desk Treadmills

No matter whether you're working at home or dedicated office, under desk treadmill always can change your upset mood, and letting you productive. As a compact and lightweight sport equipment, the under-desk treadmill is mainly designed to promote physical activity and reduce stress, and come true health goals. When you have to stay at the desk for several hours, under desk treadmill is your smart choice to burn calories and improve cardiovascular health.  There are mainly two kinds of under desk treadmills, one only for walking, like C1, P1, C2 and A1 Pro, another for walking and running, like R1 Pro and R2.

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