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All The Info You Want to Know About WalkingPad Black Friday

by King Smith 07 Nov 2023

Price Match Black Friday! (First Come, First Served)

Black Friday is just around the corner, and it's that time of year when you can snag incredible deals on your favorite products. So if you've been eyeing our WalkingPad full-body fold treadmill and our other amazing fitness items. Our Black Friday deal that kicks off on the 1st of November is the best time to get the lowest prices of the year but before then let’s walk you through the fantastic deals, features, and benefits that make WalkingPad the perfect choice for you.

Elevate Your Fitness with Unbeatable Black Friday Discounts from WalkingPad!

This Black Friday, WalkingPad is rolling out incredible discounts on our wide range of innovative treadmill solutions, making it easier than ever to achieve your fitness goals, it's the lowest price ever, visit now! Get ready to revolutionize your active lifestyle with the following unbeatable discounts:

WalkingPad X21 - $350 Off 

🔥Unique 360-degree full-body fold with patent, you can't find another one on the web!

Elevate your fitness journey with the WalkingPad X21, now available at an astounding 29% off. This sleek, advanced running treadmill is a must-have for fitness enthusiasts who want to take their workouts to the next level. Don't miss out on this incredible Black Friday deal!

A1Pro - $200 Off 

🔥The only full-body fold walking treadmill with 300 lbs weight capacity!

Get your hands on the A1Pro Walking Treadmill at a fabulous 28% discount. This fitness marvel effortlessly fits into your daily routine with its quiet operation and sleek design. Take advantage of this Black Friday offer to enjoy a healthier you!

R1Pro - $299 Off 

🔥The cheapest 2IN1 full-body fold treadmill for walking, jogging, and running!

Achieve your cardio goals with the R1Pro, now available at a 27% discount. This 2-in-1 treadmill is perfect for those who want both running and walking options in one, simply put under the bed, desk, and sofa. Seize this Black Friday opportunity to save big on your fitness equipment.

R2 - $300 Off 

🔥High-end 2IN1 full-body fold treadmill, wider and longer running belt, 12km/m fast speed, best for your home gym!

Experience ultimate fitness with the R2, our 2-in-1 treadmill for running and walking, now at an incredible 30% off. This versatile treadmill is designed to meet your evolving fitness needs. Grab this Black Friday discount and make your fitness dreams a reality.

C1 - The Lowest Price Ever

🔥Flexible and portable walking machine with full-body fold, easy to store and move!


The C1 walking treadmill, available in grey and white, is now offered at a Black Friday special discount of 21% for grey and 28% for white. These space-saving treadmills seamlessly integrate into your workspace, helping you stay active during your daily routine. 

C2 - The Lowest Price Ever

🔥Fashion color, small volume, low budget, C2 is the hottest product on WalkingPad! Many options color options!


For those looking for versatile options, the C2 walking treadmill in various colors is available at a 27% Black Friday discount. Boost your daily step count without compromising productivity with this amazing offer.

P1 - Grey/Pink -The Lowest Price Ever 

🔥Outstanding pink color brightens your life!


The P1 walking treadmill in grey or pink is now discounted by 28% this Black Friday. Enjoy a quieter and healthier work environment without compromising your productivity.

G1 - $100 Off 

🔥The only one running treadmill with the side armrest! 



The G1 running treadmill is now available at an 11% Black Friday discount, specially designed for running enthusiasts who demand the best.

Standing Desk - 33% Discount (The lowest price ever)

🔥This standing desk is one of our clear stocks, made of excellent eco-friendly materials, and it enjoys excellent quality. 


In addition to our treadmill lineup, we're also offering a 33% Black Friday discount on our standing desk. Transform your workspace into an ergonomic haven with this fantastic deal.

Water Rower - 31% Discount (The lowest price ever)

Row your way to fitness with our water rower, now available at a 31% Black Friday discount. Don't miss out on this incredible offer to bring a new dimension to your workouts.

Hurry, these Black Friday discounts won't last long! Visit our official sales page today and take advantage of these exclusive offers to kickstart your fitness journey with WalkingPad.

Our WalkingPad offers a range of innovative fitness products designed to promote an active and healthy lifestyle. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast or a beginner, their treadmills and walking machines cater to all fitness levels, allowing you to stay active from the comfort of your home or office.

So if fitness is your thing then you need to get on our Black Friday deal and make our WalkingPad your destination for fitness equipment. By doing so, you'll be investing in your health and well-being while also taking advantage of exceptional deals and superior customer support.

Black Friday Specials on Innovative Fitness Technology

Looking for the lowest prices this Black Friday? Look no further than WalkingPad, the renowned brand in fitness technology. Known for its innovative and space-saving designs, WalkingPad products are a perfect fit for urban dwellers and health-conscious individuals. Here's what sets WalkingPad apart:

1. Innovative Fitness Technology: WalkingPad has made a name for itself with groundbreaking fitness technology. Our products offer adaptive speed control, seamless smartphone connectivity, and real-time performance tracking, ensuring a dynamic and efficient workout experience.

2. Space-Saving Design: WalkingPad products are all about space efficiency. Their compact and foldable fitness machines are perfect for small living spaces. When not in use, simply fold and store them, allowing you to make the most of your space without compromising your fitness routine.

3. Health and Wellness Focus: Prioritizing health and well-being, WalkingPad equipment is designed to encourage physical activity. Regular use can lead to enhanced cardiovascular health, improved fitness levels, and even assistance with weight management, helping you achieve your fitness goals.

4. Trusted Brand: WalkingPad has built a reputation for quality and reliability. Countless positive reviews and satisfied customers speak to their unwavering commitment to excellence. When you choose WalkingPad, you're choosing a trusted brand dedicated to your well-being.

This Black Friday, don't miss out on WalkingPad's big sale with incredible discounts on their premium fitness equipment. It's a unique opportunity to invest in high-quality fitness technology while saving big. Make your Black Friday shopping count with WalkingPad!

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