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All The Questions You Want to Know About Under Desk Treadmills

by King Smith 03 Jun 2024

To be honest, under desk treadmill helps a lot.

Adulthood comes with a lot of realities that I never anticipated. One such is the fact that I will be glued to my desk, staring straight into my computer with my back hunched for over 40 hours during the week. Well, I'm not going to lie. I looked forward to this life while in college, but it soon dawned on me that this routine was not entirely the best for my health.

When I eventually became a remote worker, I spent most of my time sitting or lying down with barely any exercise. To put it simply, I lived a sedentary lifestyle. The game changer for me was when my friend introduced me to the under-desk treadmill just in time to get a bonus at work! Needless to say, it was and is still money well spent.  

What is an Under Desk Treadmill? 

An under-the-desk treadmill is an exercise machine for walking or running at a spot that easily fits under your work desk. It is similar to the traditional treadmills that are used in gyms. This standing desk treadmill is flat, lightweight, doesn't have handles or a large display, is compact, and easy to move and store. Unlike traditional treadmills that are well suited for running many miles, these compact treadmills for standing desks are designed for use at lower speeds because they have a range of up to 7 mph. 

You can consider it a walking machine that will enable you to keep up with your exercise conveniently even while you are working because it is small, foldable, can easily fit under your desk, and has a very important feature, which is an inbuilt quiet motor that wouldn't cause any noise pollution that would disturb your work calls. With this fitness machine, you can achieve two goals at once: work and exercise. Integrating the standing desk with a treadmill into one's daily routine has helped to drastically reduce the occurrence of back pain associated with sitting for prolonged hours, improve blood flow, help burn calories, and reduce the risk of diseases. This mini treadmill for desk machine is made for the sole purpose of bringing the gym right under your roof. So, if your schedule doesn't give you enough time to consider fitness exercise, you need not worry because you can still burn calories from the comfort of your home. 

Using this desk for the treadmill is easy. Since it is a compact machine, you'll need an adjustable desk that can raise your work surface and provide enough space to slide the portable treadmill underneath. Do not use it barefoot. Wear your walking shoes to give you stability, prevent injuries, and improve your posture. This quiet under-desk treadmill is not limited to being used while working alone. You can use it while doing other activities that may keep you rooted in a spot, like catching up with your favorite TV shows. 

The Important Questions You Want to Know About Under Desk Treadmill

What Speed is The Under Desk Treadmill?

The speed of desk treadmills can vary. However, if what you need is a standing treadmill with higher speed options, consider purchasing the WalkingPad X21 Double-Fold Treadmill. This WalkingPad model is designed to reach up to 7.45 mph, which is undoubtedly faster when compared to other WalkingPads. It also features rotation speed control in the armrest alongside an HD display panel. With this, you can see your workout data and adjust the speed accordingly. 

Is Under The Desk Treadmill Healthy?

The reason for purchasing a work-from-home treadmill is to escape a sedentary life, so one expects considerable health benefits. Rest assured, this is what you will get if you regularly make use of this fitness machine. Walking while you work strengthens your joints, and this makes them more resilient and less prone to injury. The foldable under-desk treadmill also boosts your energy levels, so you feel more active and less tired throughout the day. Moreover, regular use of the treadmill can lower your glucose levels, thereby preventing and managing diabetes. Furthermore, your cardiovascular health is guaranteed to greatly improve and be in tip-top shape. By walking regularly on the foldable desk treadmill, you have a reduced risk of developing heart disease because your blood circulation will improve, which will keep your heart healthy while your blood pressure will be normal. Finally, your mental health is not left out. A healthy body contributes to having a great work-life balance. Therefore, with your body in shape, your level of productivity will increase. 

Do Standing Desk Treadmills Burn Calories?

Engaging in physical activities like walking is a great way to burn calories. If you are dedicated to using the under-table treadmill for at least an hour a day, rest assured that it can help you burn around 140 calories or more. Over time, this consistent calorie burning will contribute to weight loss. Using this machine simply means you are combining work and exercise. So, while participating in a team meeting, sending emails, and making work calls, you are burning calories by walking. 

Can You Type with A Work Treadmill?

A friend once asked me how feasible it is to type while using a folding under-desk treadmill simultaneously. I explained my experience to him, which is similar to that of others. Typing while walking on the folding desk treadmill will not be what you are used to because a part of your body is engaged in another activity. Due to this, your writing speed will be slower than usual. However, the trick I used was to reduce my walking pace to about 1.7 mph. This way, I am able to type easier and faster because I am walking at a slower pace. Then I noticed that standing did not let me easily rest my wrist. So I bought a wristrest for my keyboard. This gives me more support and makes my hand more relaxed. Avoid working at a shaky desk because it will make typing difficult. 

How to Start Using A Desk Treadmill?

As with any new practice, slow and steady wins the race with the treadmill under the desk. Don't rush it, especially if this is the first time you will be incorporating exercise into work. It will take time to build simultaneous concentration. The trick is to gradually add more walking time each week. Take note of how your body adjusts to it. If you are getting tired easily, reduce your walking speed until you are more comfortable. 

How Much Electricity Does Desk Treadmill Use?

There is no specific measurement of the electricity an under-desk treadmill consumes. But it is within the range of 500 to 800 watts. This is largely dependent on the brand you purchase and the specifications and functions of the model. You can consider the installation of solar panels, as this will help you save on electricity costs. 

How Loud is An Under Desk Treadmill?

The work desk treadmill's decibel level depends on the speed at which you are using it. If you are walking at a speed of 1 mph, you will get 47 decibels; at 4 mph, you will get 59.8 decibels; and if you are using a fast model that can go as high as 7.45 mph, the noise is just 75 decibels.

How Long Should I Use A Desk Treadmill?

If you are just starting out with a small desk treadmill, aim to use it for no more than one hour a day. It’s important not to try to walk for the entire hour all at once. So, create a schedule for how to use the one hour. You can divide it into 15 or 20 minutes per session, then take a break in between. Don't overstretch yourself or go over a longer period of time, like a full workout session. When you are used to a routine, increase the duration a bit and continue doing this while prioritizing your level of comfort. 

Is A Walking Pad As Good As A Stand-Up Desk Treadmill?

Walking pads or under-desk treadmills serve the same purpose as the traditional treadmill because they help you burn calories and stay fit. However, if you desire an extensive workout session that can max out at around 10 mph, then you should get the traditional treadmill. With a mini treadmill for under a desk, you can work while working from the comfort of your home, even in a small space, but they have a limited speed, which averagely maxes out at around 5 mph. 

How Does A Standing Treadmill Work?

Plug it in and press the power button, then set your walking speed using a remote, control panel, or app. The belt begins to move smoothly and quietly, indicating that you can start walking. Ensure you monitor real-time stats like speed, time, distance, and calories on the display. When you are done, gradually reduce speed or use the stop button or safety key to halt.

Is There A Walking Pad That Fits Under The Couch?

Because of the full-body fold design, all WalkingPads compact treadmills can be put under the desk, if you only want it for more walking, and to keep active, then I recommend the WalkingPad C1, C2, P1, A1 pro, but if for more running, then WalkingPad X21, X25, R1, R2, and MC11 will be your great choices. All WalkingPad modes fit under the couch because of their compact features. If you have limited space, choose one WalkingPad treadmill now!

Can You Run on A Walking Pad Treadmill?

A compact treadmill under the desk is designed to serve the purpose of a less intense workout. Most of these compact exercise machines are designed for walking exercises and light jogging. Their features include motors that give them a speed range of 0.5 to 4 mph, compactness, and a smaller weight limit. However, you can run on WalkingPad R1, R2, and X21. 

How to Store Treadmill for Standing Desk?

One of the benefits of the portable treadmill for under desks is its efficient storage features, unlike those of a traditional treadmill. If you have limited space, consider getting the WalkingPad's A1 Pro Foldable Under Desk Treadmill, which can easily fit under your desk, couch, or other furniture when you are not using it. This is made possible by the fact that the A1 Pro model can fold 180 degrees, which leaves its thickness at 4.7 inches. The WalkingPad P1 Foldable model is another design that can be easily stored under your furniture. 

Are Under Desk Treadmills Worth It?

If you want to avoid a sedentary lifestyle when you barely have enough time for yourself, the compact under-desk treadmill is a worthy option. It is highly beneficial to your health and body system by helping you keep up with your fitness goals even while you are working at your desk for hours. 

What’s The Best Under Desk Treadmill?

While there are numerous under-desk treadmill cheap brands, I would recommend you get the WalkingPad. WalkingPad is the creator of the full-body fold treadmill and has a patent for its exercise machine. They have a variety of models to cater to your unique needs. If your specific need is walking or speed that can go as high as 7.45 mph, the WalkingPad has got you covered. 

How to Lubricate Under Desk Treadmill?

Just like a traditional treadmill, a standing desk and treadmill need lubrication to ensure it is in the proper working condition. To check if it needs lubricant, first, unplug it from the electrical outlet. Then hold the running belt and put your hand under it. If it is dry, it needs lubrication. Get a treadmill work desk belt lubricant and apply it under the belt on both sides. It may be difficult to get the lubricant to the middle section, so get a towel and use it to spread it in while lifting the belt as high as possible.


Finally, purchasing a desk with a treadmill is advantageous, especially for people who work from home. There wouldn't be a need to be scared of a sedentary lifestyle because your physical well-being is taken care of right from the comfort of your home. Get yourself an under-desk treadmill today because it is an investment with no bad returns, and your physical, mental, and cardiovascular systems will greatly benefit from the decision. 

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