WalkingPad treadmill

WalkingPad Foldable Treadmill, Super Save Space

A walking pad that folds in half is hands down the
easiest way to walk, jog and run at home. Simplify
and feel great.

Why Choose Foldable Treadmills

A foldable treadmill can meet your multiple demands, like satisfying daily exercise, keeping active, and improving physical health. Owning a collapsible treadmill means arranging a small gym for your home or desk, which lets you build your body even during busy work time or rainy cool days, only need a small space, you can enjoy endless benefits brought by a cheap foldable treadmill, why not choose it?  Many people do sports, which doesn't mean they only have to be outside. Recently days, with more and more people starting to use this, fold-away treadmills gradually began to become popular. Walking anytime you want and putting sports equipment in the office is the biggest advantage of the fold-down treadmill. 

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What's The Foldable Treadmills

Want to keep active but without enough space, a fold-out treadmill is a great choice. Compared to the traditional running machine, a fold-up treadmill can be folded when don't use it, even if you can walk or run a short time on the lunch or sneak time. Its unique construction makes this convenient foldable machine lightweight and compact, fashionable appearance and easy usage all make this a smart choice no matter for home or office usage. For apartments and limited space, a foldable desk treadmill helps you a lot to save space, lose weight, gain endurance, and increase speed, at the same time, the foldable treadmill also is a budget-friendly machine compared to a traditional machine. So wonderful walking for a short time when watching TV, not only relax the mind but also burn calories.  

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Is Foldable Treadmill Expensive

Usually, the cost of a folding treadmill only takes up a little part of traditional treadmills. The price of Walkingpad fold-away treadmill is between $370 to $1000, add some discount, actually, you only need to invest less for a great foldable treadmill. 

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Foldable Treadmills Questions

Many collapsible treadmills you will find on the market, however, which one is your best, and how to choose will be the common two questions for newcomers, spend about 30 seconds look to continue, then you will find the right answer.

For people, the most suitable walking treadmill under desk is different. For instance, low and high budget, walking and running purpose, light or heavy weight requirement, light or strong sport level, slow and fast speed, all of these can affect our decision. Usually, we will talk about these factors below. 

1. Sports goals. When you choose a fold-down treadmill, first you should ask yourself, where and how I want to use this fold-up treadmill, and what's your sports goals, only for walking, running, or resuming fitness progress. Where do you want to put it, if there has enough space, think about these points will be a great help to you in choosing the right machine. Combined with other features and accessories, then you can easily choose the one you want. 

 2. Dimension. For these small spaces, like apartments and office desks, a foldable desk treadmill is a great choice. But one point needs to be noticed, though this kind of running machine can be folded when unfold, it also needs certain space. You should plan the spots you want to put ahead. 

 3. Running and walking. According to diverse usage, we need to check 2 factors, the horsepower of the motor and the size of the deck. If only for walking usage, then the motor with 1hp is okay, if you're a serious runner, over 1.5hp maybe your great choice, which is powerful enough to support routine running. 

And aimed at the deck, for frequent runners, deck size exceeds 55 inches long, and 20 inches wide is better, which will ensure we have a normal pace when running, you don't want to have the experience of falling off the treadmill. If the deck isn't enough long or wide, this machine can't support you running smoothly. 

 4. Easy collapse. All Walkingpad foldable proform treadmills are easy usage and foldable. After sports, just need to press the middle position softly, and on the other hand, push the treadmills to fully closed, almost needs about 3 seconds, you can finish this process. 

 5. Weight. Be sure to consider the weight the foldable treadmill for home needs to support first. 

 6. Warranty. To reduce worries, a warranty also will be an essential part you need to think of. 

 7. Budget. Only clear your actual budget and primary demands, and you will know what features you want, and which functions we can give up based on budget.

8. Speed. Different speeds for different prices. By convention, many people don't need 10 miles per hour, except for veteran runners. The speed will depend on which type of sport you can do. Some foldable treadmill for sale owns a small volume, but the speed can arrive at 6 miles per hour. For most people, 3.7mph is the biggest walking speed. If you want to come true 8 minutes one mile, then the 7.45mph is suitable. 

Just like its name implied, this is a new type of compact and lightweight treadmill that can be folded after sports.

These foldable treadmills own multi-function like the traditional running machine in the gym but occupied less space once folded. When don't use, they can be put under the desk, sofa, and bed, you can also rotate and lock the running platform of the treadmill upwards, which can take up very little space. Equipped with built-in wheels, letting us can move them easily. 

Yes, I can tell you for sure. There are several safety measures equipped on Walkingpad folding treadmills.

For walking foldable treadmill under a bed, we have novice unlock mode, only after you walk over 1 mile, you can use other functions. On the other hand, our App also can unlock novice mode.

Second, we design the auto speed function, walking in front of this foldable machine, it can automatically accelerate, while behind the machine, it can automatically slow down. 

For 2 in 1 foldable treadmill walking pad, when you want to turn on the running mode, the foldable treadmill is equipped with a strong and useful handle that ensures your stable and safe paces. Second, for the running mode, we have emergency stop pullout protection, which means you can stop off this foldable walking pad treadmill anytime you feel uncomfortable.

Third, our 2 in 1 foldable treadmill needs to keep the safety key all the time.

Besides, the most important one is the Walkingpad foldable walking treadmill equipped with a gas shock that can let the deck down underground softly and slowly.

Finally, the useful and unique hinge design patent ensures all our foldable treadmills stable and sturdy. What's more, the hinge design need less bolt to contact, which also guarantee the great performance and long service life of foldable treadmills.

As the leader of treadmills, all Walkingpad foldable treadmills are practice tested by thousands of customers, and our professional expert team also are constantly optimizing and upgrading this machine. In a word, for Walkingpad folding treadmill for sale, you can feel easy to order.

A common question that many people may ask, is why should I choose the small foldable treadmill compared with a traditional running machine. I think you will get a quick answer below.


Firstly, easy storage will be the biggest benefit, only a small space can put it. Folded when don't use, on the one hand, the foldable desk treadmill can be placed flat under the sofa and bed. On the other hand, using the wheel, the foldable machine also can be stood up and placed in the corner. 

Secondly, for apartments and limited space, without doubt, foldable treadmills under beds are a great choice, this machine can save space to the greatest extent. 

The thirdly, foldable proform treadmill also enjoy high quality, at the same time, it also holds other features that traditional running machine don't have. For the same price, why not choose the foldable one?

Usually, the cost of a folding treadmill only takes up a little part of traditional treadmills. The price of Walkingpad fold-away treadmill is between $370 to $1000, add some discount, actually, you only need to invest less for a great foldable treadmill. 

Almost all the health experts tell us the importance of keeping sports, however sometimes due to many reasons, like a tired body, cool weather, and busy work, we don't want to go out and exercise at all, how wonderful if we can sports anytime we want, when working, lunch sneak or at home, a foldable treadmill can come true. 

Besides we guarantee 1-year warranty for all Kingsmith Walkingpad foldable treadmills. And we also have a 30-day refund policy.

In a word, relying on rich experience, as the leader of a small foldable treadmill, Walkingpad ensures you fashion an amazing appearance and unique and important foldable function. Competitive price and excellent quality, WalkingPad is your smart choice for a cheap foldable treadmill.

According to different modes, foldable treadmills hold different sizes. Commonly, the walking foldable treadmill is smaller than the running foldable treadmill. 

Based on my 6 years of sport experience, it's better to guarantee 10 minutes of exercise every day when working, and 7500 steps a day is a great state. 


1. Operating and using the foldable treadmill based on the instruction of the manufacturer is necessary. 


2. We should choose a suitable place to put this machine, ensuring the foldable treadmill is put on a flat and stable surface, and at the same time, don't use this machine as a panel to put things on. 

3. Daily cleaning need to do. Regular cleaning will be one of the most important things we should do to extend the foldable treadmill's life. Using a soft and damp cloth to clean the display, handle, and other area. Of course, avoiding a chemical attack is necessary. 

4. Lubricating guarantee. Between the belt and the deck, the foldable treadmill needs to be lubricated based on demand. 

5. There are also some details we need to notice on daily usage, like don't run and jump on this machine. 

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