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2 in 1 Walking Pads Under Desk

If you're a fan of various social platforms, you will definately find these popular under desk walking pad, they with different color and features, brings much convenience and happiness for our life. Hot girl walks, but how about busy workload and bad weather? How should we do to continue our exercise plans, do you want to interrupt? Now it's time for walking pad under desk, which only need less invest, and can be put under the desk, bed and sofa, only need a small space that you can exercise anytime anywhere you want.

WalkingPad Cost-ffective R1 Pro

Cheap price with full-featured, with phone holder, sturdy handle, built-in wheels, safety key, remote and fashion appearance, if you want to running, this one is totally worth the price!
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WalkingPad High-end R2

Wider and longer belt than R1 Pro, fast speed reach to 12km/h, good for walking and running, 240lbs weight capacity, luxury configuration for your higher needs!
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What's WalkingPad Under Desk Walking Pad?

WalkingPad is the founder of foldable and portable walking pad, before design this product, we did many market survey, from the datas we founded that there are two unchangeable shortcomings of traditional treadmill, large volume and big noise, at the same time, large datas also tell us instead of running, most of people prefer light sports, like walking and jogging, based on kinds of reasons, we design and produce the walking pad.

Rely on 20 years rich experience, WalkingPad won many internatinal award and patent right. All our walking pad can fold half, and put under the desk, sofa and bed, that's why we also called them under desk walking pad.

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Under Desk Walking Pad for Walking Options

WalkingPad Best Price C1

The cheap one on WalkingPad, with 6km/h maximum speed, 220lbs weight capacity, fashion grey and classic white color, if you only want to move more, this one can't be missed!
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WalkingPad Colorful C2

Brushless motor, LED display, grey, black, blue, yellow and red options, 6km/h maximum speed, big discount now, foldable and portable, high performance, offers you great experience!
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WalkingPad Fashion P1

Almost no one would say no to pink, same goes for pink treadmills, modern style and fashion color, wider belt size, you will love it the first time you see it, shop now!
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What to do with The Under Desk Walking Pad When I'm Not Using It?

If there's more space for under desk walking pad, you can also just leave it unfold under your desk, and walking anytime you want. On the contrary, fold it to flat put under the desk, bed and sofa. Finally, some of WalkingPad under desk walking pad also can be lean against the wall with the help of handle.
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Yes. An Under Desk Walking Pad is Worth It

At the same time, one point that many people will concern about, a under desk walking pad is able to help lose weight, with a under desk walking pad, you can reach 10000 steps, while only 3000 without it.

Differ from traditional treadmill, under desk walking pad only need to invest less, usually below $1000, but due to foldable and quiet, you can use it on home and office, in the true sense, these under desk walking pad realize the concept of light exercise and light life.

In a word, an under desk walking pad is definately a great way for getting in your general daily movement, don't need to bear terrible weather, busy traffic jam and limited time, you can enjoy sport joyful freely.
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Under Desk Walking Pad Questions

Before you click the order button, you need to ask yourseld several questions, does this machine fit in my place, where do I want to put it, how quiet do I need it to be, and how much do I want to spend for it?

First, if a walking pad under desk is foldable and portable. For small place and apartment, a foldable under desk walking pad is quite important, after using, you can put it under desk and bed, which don't take up a lot of space until you use again, from another level, foldable means easy storage, only need a small space, you can get more movement a day.

Second, if it's lightweight and easy to move. Why we need an under desk walking pad on home, most of us chase convenience and save time, as well as portable, if a walking pad under desk holds large volume like them on gym, why don't we just go to gym and how we put it on office? That's why you should look clear its capacity weight and other features that help us move it easily, like sturdy handle and fleible wheels.

Third, speed. The average walking speed of adult is 3km/h, there are different choice if you plan to running more and want to increase speed for contest, or just want to walking more a day to against a sedentary lifestyle. Usually, the speed of walking pad under desk for walking is from 0 to 6 km/h, you can use it for walking and jogging, while the maximum speed for under desk walking pad for running is 10km/h, before choosing, plz check the speed first.

Forth, if it's loud or not. A quiet under desk walking pad is so important for using in office, I'm sure you don't want to meet an angry face after exercising, that's why you should care more about the speed of under desk walking pad. Sometimes, you may can't find it exactly on specification, and you can look through the review to get.

Fifth, other features you want for under desk walking pad. If have more budget, you may want to enjoy more functions, such as LED display, remote or smartphone control, if it holds handle or not, and so on.

In a word, base on your budget, you need to know what's your must have functions. And one point we should know, cheap price doesn't mean to bad quality, most of the time it refers to less funtions, if you only want to movement more on office, you don't need to pay more functins of walking pad under desk.

The time is vary from person to person. If just start exercising, you can begin from one hour a day, but it doesn't mean you need to been walking in an hour, you can devided it into several parts, such as 20 minutes in the morning, 20 minutes at afternoon and left 20 minutes at night.

However, based on your body condition and fitness level, if you feel tired after 10 minutes, that's okay, we can increase exercise time slowly for body health, don't raise your physical activity all at once. We can also walk 5 munites after 30 minutes sitting. In conclusion, we should leave recovery and rest time for our body.

The first and also important one is lubricant. Based on the instruction of manufacturer, some under desk walking pad need to lubricant at the first use, while others don't. Commonly, we need to lubricant one walking pad about two to four times a year.

Second, before walking and runninf, after put down the handle, we need to loosen or tighten bolts to make sure the belt is on the middle position for a comfortable running experence.

Third, if a pet love to hang around the walking pad, then swipe out the dust, fur and water is necessary to extend the work life of under desk walking pad.

Forth, after long time usage, as I say, one year, you should pay attention to the transmission belt of motor, many times operation may creat it has a little wear and tear.

Yes. An under desk small walking pad on home or office helps you move more, compared to sitting long time a day, more walking and running is able to speed up metabolism, and burn more calories. If burn more calories than eat, then you can lose weight, from this aspect, we can say a walking pad under desk helps with loosing weight.

When have a video meeting, people do notice the walking movement. And based on my experience, they just feel curious on the first several seconds, then they care about other things. And the amazing point is, after seeing my walking pad under desk some times later, they decide on have their own one too.

No, it's not. And plz don't put an under desk walking pad on carpet directly, because there has a potential overheat risk. If you want, you can put a special walking pad mat below it.

Are you still worry about your daily sport on colder and darker days? Why not try the under desk walking pad, invest less and benefit more, choose your own now!

Does colder and darker days stop off our walking step? No, because the time of under desk walking pad is coming, and it holds many irreplaced functions.

1. Small volume and thin thickness makes it easy storage. WalkingPad unqiue foldable patent come trues all walking pad under desk fold half, and control the thickness of 12.9cm, only need small space, you can put it on, offering big convenience and save more space, for apartment or limited place, it really solved a lot of problems.

2. Quiet. Using upgraded brushless motor, and 6 independent shock-absorber, as well as professinal four layer delt design, WalkingPad under desk walking pad can lighten noise effectively, you don't need to worry about the angry or complain from your neighborhood and colleague, after we test, the voice of walking pad under desk is 50 to 60 decibels.

3. Portable and foldable. Just as we mentioned above, all WalkingPad is foldable, adopt to one-piece aluminum alloy skeleton design, the walking pad under desk also enjoy light weight, you can carry it upstair and fold by yourself.

4. LED display helps you record exercise effects. Want to feel the sense of accomplishment? Look down at the panel, you will get your sport time, speed, distance and burned calories clear, will be excited when seeing so much steps? Do you want to surpass it a little bit tomorrow? Will it be a great encouragement? Yes, these are the meanings of LED display, help you move more and happy more.

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