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How to Earn Money by Sharing Your WalkingPad Experience?

by King Smith 23 Feb 2023

How to Earn Money by Sharing Your WalkingPad Experience?

WalkingPad is a popular fitness equipment that has gained immense popularity on TikTok, especially among individuals who work from home. Many customers have shared their experiences using the WalkingPad, gaining a significant number of followers and likes. However, our goal is to use these experiences to make money. ( You can search #walkingpad on social media to see the contents of Tiktok/IG/Youtube creator.)

To get started, you can join WalkingPad's community, where everyone is welcome to participate. Once approved, members will receive their exclusive discount and referral links. Then, like many reviews from KOL, members can share their experiences(Pics or videos) and referral links. If someone buys WalkingPad treadmill through your referral link, you will earn a commission, which WalkingPad distributes monthly through PayPal.

WalkingPad's community has already seen many members earn commissions by sharing their experiences.


And are WalkingPad treadmills worth it for yourself?

 For people who enjoy light exercise, WalkingPad is an excellent choice. Most of our customers work from home and choose WalkingPad to reduce fatigue from sitting all day. They quickly adapt to using the equipment while working, achieving their daily step goals. Many fans also enjoy walking while watching TV, improving their health and physique. Moreover, the WalkingPad's unique folding feature makes it space-saving, which has garnered a lot of appreciation from our customers.


In conclusion, WalkingPad's referral program is a great opportunity for those who use the equipment to share their experiences and earn commissions. The community welcomes anyone who is passionate about fitness and wants to make money.

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