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Why Run on A Treadmill?

Open your music list, fasten your speed, and running on a home treadmill will be a better way to relax. At the same time, the recovery ankle will appreciate this amazing cushioning function of running treadmills. Own a home treadmill, neither the rain, snow, uneven terrain, or work can stop you from running. No matter for fun, for fast speed on a marathon, or to lose weight, a running treadmill always can meet your demand.
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Running Treadmills Questions

Making walking or running a continuous part of a workout routine is a great lifestyle to keep healthy. A running treadmill offers sports exercise, and entertainment projects, keeping you motivated and moving, nothing can beat the convenience and safety. If you plan to spend a long time on it and hope family members all take part in it, then you can consider high-end running treadmills, while if you are only running for a while, investing in a basic running treadmill will be a great idea.

During the last two years, the sales of running treadmill has surged, is there any place safer than our own home during the Covid period? And now, compared with big spending on traditional running machines, why think of these suitable foldable treadmills?

Portable and foldable will be the outstanding advantage for Walkingpad, as the leader in foldable treadmills, WalkingPadwon 6 famous international prizes, 220 patent applications, and 19 patent certificates, which ensures all our running treadmills work smoothly and stable.

The compact and foldable design decides a running treadmill can be put under the desk, sofa, and bed, equipped with a built-in wheel design, with the help of a handle, a running treadmill of WalkingPadcan lean against the wall well.

WalkingPadrunning treadmill can be used for running and walking, put down the handle and tighten the bolts, start with a slow speed, and fasten it after you feel comfortable, you can experience the walking mode.

1. Adopt advanced tech and unique foldable patent, WalkingPadrunning treadmills are famous among our customers, which enjoy the features of thin and lightweight, and big weight capacity.

2. One-piece aluminum alloy skeleton design lets you enjoy the balance art between fashion design and strong power. As well as, the one-piece design owns fewer contact points, which also means less maintenance and long service time for running the treadmill.

3. Double-layer professional track level deck design and brushless motor usage can reduce noise and shock effectively, letting a running treadmill produce operation on a smaller voice.

4. Under the WalkingPadleadership, combined with many running treadmill companies, related government departments, as well as famous industry people, WalkingPaddeveloped a set of strict industry standards that ensure people's health and sports demand.

1. Improve health and build the body. As we all know, regular sports will help a lot, like improving cardiovascular disease, relieving ankle pain and arthritis, keeping active, and producing creative ideas. To a certain degree, a running treadmill can resist disease, which is proven that running can reduce the risk of stroke and breast cancer, rugularly running will be the treatment advice from the doctor to people who is in the early stage of osteoporosis, diabetes mellitus, and hypertension.

2. Lose weight. Running will be one of the effective ways to lose weight, compared to other exercises, running can burn more calories. A running treadmill offers you more chances to do sports without the limitation of time and weather, therefore, burning more calories and losing weight.

3. Prevents muscle and bone degeneration effectively. It turned out our skeleton and body demand is coordinated, sitting a long time in front of a computer will let our skeleton more vulnerable, while long-term and regular exercise will make it keep healthy, furthermore, it is to prevent our body from aging faster. Running can promote the growth of human hormones and keep youth. A home running treadmill can always satisfy your exercise goals easily.

4. Keep and increase general fitness levels. Only need a small space, a foldable running treadmill can be put under your desk, bed, and sofa, spend 1 second, unfold it then you can run, which can raise cholesterol and reduce the risk of blood clots, exercise lungs, and boost immunity through increasing lymphocytes.

1. People with arthritis, meniscus, or ligament damage, because of high-frequency running will cause repeated wear and tear on the hip, knee, and ankle joints.

2. The patient with heart disease. A fast speed running will cause a large cardiac workload, and it's dangerous.

A running treadmill lets you don't consider the limitation of weather and busy work, running at home or the office anytime you want. However, before enjoying these conveniences, there is also some preparation work we need to do.

First, before carrying the running treadmill home, you need to prepare enough space for running treadmills, not only for fold space but also for unfold space.

Second, we need to put these 4 contact points on the ground stably and smoothly to ensure safety and stability when running.

Third, if you want lower or less noise, you can also put a mat under the running treadmill. Fourth, if possible, we can design a dedicated circuit for running treadmills, the other equipment on this circuit will lead to power overload and unexpected shutdown.

Fifth, after completing all these preparation works, before running, warm-up is also important, which can increase heart rate, transfer oxygen to muscle, and raise its temperature, thus making running more effective. Begin to a slow speed running, then increase speed.

Yes. A running treadmill near you can make you run more often, and you can exercise when working, watching TV, and listening to music, compared to sitting on a chair or sofa for a long time, a running treadmill can ensure your sport time. With a home running treadmill, you can continue to run even gym is closed.

Running on a treadmill is a great way to raise or change speed, compared to concrete, the cushioning function of running a treadmill can protect our knee from injury perfectly.

Yes. Based on the report published by CDC, people need to spend 150 exercise minutes to keep healthy every week, of course, you can divide this time into 30 minutes each day, and according to your exercise habit, you can raise or reduce sport time on WalkingPad electric treadmill.

Before running on a treadmill, we need to ensure the stable placement of the machine, put your feet on both sides of the belt first, and then walk on the center position of a treadmill, and begin running at a slow speed, after warming up and adapted to the speed, fasten running speed.

Same to running outside, running on a treadmill also can burn belly fat effectively, for 30 minutes of sports, slow running burns about 300 calories, running at a medium speed burns 500 calories, while fast running will spend 600 calories.

Compared with other sports, running on the treadmill can be said to be an effective way to lose weight, as well as, you can also see your exercise effect on the LED display of running the treadmill clearly.

If want to own a good result for losing weight, you can use a fast speed, such as over 8km/h, and this 8km/h can be divided into 2 types, slow speed of 8km/h to 10km/h, and medium speed for 10km/h to 12km/h.

Sometimes, some people want to get a good effect for losing weight, then they choose a fast running speed, however, it's wrong, or can also do bad harm to health. The correct method is to start with simple slow walking, and then transfer to running.

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