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Walkingpad treadmill review

Create a Light and Effective Workout Plan with Walkingpad

by King Smith 28 Sep 2022 0 Comments

The need to stay healthy and fit has increased even more in the post-pandemic times. Most of us are working from home and do not have enough time to go to a gym. Not to mention, we do not have spare time to schedule workouts.
Well, you can stay fit even in your work-from-home routine. No need to drive to a gym or schedule workouts anymore. Instead, you can just use a walking pad.
You don’t need to wake up extra early to engage in exercises. Instead, you can save yourself several hours while remaining active throughout the day. Walkingpad is indeed an innovative approach to fitness.
You can use it to create a light yet effective workout plan.
Using the best treadmill for home under 1000 is definitely an incredible way to reduce extra calories daily. You should aim to burn at least 300 calories daily. For instance, you can perform exercises such as brisk walking for around 60 minutes daily. When you couple it with a healthy diet, you will begin to see impressive results quickly.

Workout Plan with Walkingpad

You will challenge your body by changing your workout throughout this program. You will alternate easier days with harder days.

However, you can always change this schedule to better suit your lifestyle. Not to mention, you can even add in rest days as you require but it is better to only have one rest day in a week.

If you are unable to schedule enough time on the running treadmill, there are other options you may consider as well. they include vigorous and high-intensity training. Studies have indicated that these workouts facilitate fat loss to a significant extent.

Therefore, if you cannot dedicate at least 45-60 minutes to work out with your walkingpad, you can always perform a high-intensity workout for around 20 minutes.

Week 1

First Day: Begin your week with 45-60 minutes of walking. Depending on your weight and speed, you can easily burn up to 400 calories. You can even break it into two sessions if you are unable to set aside a complete hour.

After warming up for around 10 minutes at a slow pace, you should increase your pace to a brisk walk that will raise your heart rate up to around 60 percent of your maximum heart rate. It is better to use a heart rate calculator to get accurate target numbers.

You can wear a smart band to track your heart rate and even do cardio activities.

Second Day: On the second day, you should take a walk for around 30 minutes at an easier pace as a part of your cardio exercise. For starters, you should aim for a heart rate of around 50 percent of your maximum heart rate.

It will help you improve your speed and be prepared for more vigorous workouts. You can even follow up your walkingpad session by performing a light upper body workout. For instance, you can use exercise bands or dumbbells as you prefer.

Third Day: Did you know that you can increase the speed of your treadmill for walking? Like a treadmill, a walkingpad comes with several settings. You can raise it to a light jog and it will let you increase your pace easily.

Since you will be working harder than before, you should aim for around 45 minutes. Even though you might feel tired, you should not give up. Instead, decrease your pace gradually before jogging again. Now, this workout should be capable of increasing your heart rate to around 80 percent of your maximum heart rate. In case you are using an RPE scale, it must feel like you are actually working at the range of 14-16. Basically, it is a light to moderate workout.

Fourth Day: On the fourth day, you need to walk for around 30 minutes at a normal or moderate pace. As you are walking, you will feel like you are working but you are not working that hard. It is worth noting that this much workout should feel sustainable. For the fifth day, you will be working a little harder. Therefore, you must preserve your energy for it.

Once you are done with the workout, you should consider doing some core work. There is no need for any equipment. Instead, you should only do some of your favorite ab exercises. For instance, you can do standing abdominal exercises, planks, ab curls, or even sit-ups.

Fifth Day: Typically, walkingpads come with different pre-programmed workouts. They are based on various speed intervals. In simple words, intervals are short time periods where you run or walk at a challenging pace. Then, you may slow down for a longer time period to catch your breath before increasing your pace again.

You can just select one of the pre-programmed workouts or you can just create one of your own. For example, if you are comfortable jogging, you can then alternate between jogging and walking. Even if your walkingpad does not have such a pre-programmed workout, you can just manually choose different modes to increase or decrease your pace.

For the total workout, you should aim for a duration of around 45 minutes. In the speed segments, you may feel like you are working intensely. However, the recovery segments will help you calm down and rest for a short while.

Sixth Day: Today, you should aim for approximately 1 hour of walking at a slow pace or the speed you find comfortable on under desk treadmill. In fact, it is an incredible opportunity to even take your walk outside and trek in the park or go shopping if you want.

Track both your distance and steps with your smartphone so you can balance just how many calories you are burning.

If you are thinking about using your walkingpad, you can stream your favourite show or listen to a podcast to pass the time. Some walkingpads have dedicated space to put your phone or tablet on the handle. It allows for a decent watching experience as you walk and burn your calories.

Seventh Day: You should conclude your week by just enjoying and having fun with your family members and friends. Before anything else, be sure to engage in a warm-up stretching routine as it will help you loosen up. In fact, you can research and explore other physical activities and exercises such as swimming or bicycling. It will help you exercise different muscle groups that are not targeted when you are walking. Today, the goal is to find joy in being alive and moving.

Week 2

During the second week, you should repeat the same pattern. However, it does not mean you cannot explore other pre-programmed workout plans. You can even consider increasing the time you spend exercising.

If you have not focused on fitness before, it might be better to begin with shorter walkingpad sessions and then improve your time on a daily basis. Throughout the day, you can consider adding shorter sessions of walking to reach your desired calorie goals.

Moreover, if you are successful in burning 300 calories regularly and you manage to further decrease your calories by reducing your calorie intake, you will burn around 500 calories daily. It means that as long as you do not change your diet and physical activity, you will lose around 1 pound on weekly basis.

Week 3

Change your weekly schedule to fit your workout plan into your lifestyle. Be sure to work on your walking form and posture, particularly using tips on how you can increase your speed and how you can burn even more calories in the same workout session.

As you continue to progress, you might lose weight and improve your fitness so that you will be required to use more speed.

Features of a Walkingpad


Traditionally, people used to purchase treadmills quiet if they wanted to exercise or walk without going anywhere. However, it is quite an outdated option. Not to mention, it consumes a lot of space and is costly. Many people are unable to afford it.

Moreover, if you are living in a small apartment, it might be difficult to fit it inside your room. Therefore, a better and more effective option is to use a walkingpad.

A walkingpad is basically a scaled-down yet more innovative version of a treadmill. Unlike a large treadmill, a walkingpad is quite small in terms of its size, making it ideal for small rooms. You don’t need to tuck anything away or throw anything out just to make space for your walkingpad.

Instead, you can use it anywhere in your room. Just place it in front of your bed and start walking!


Even though a walkingpad is compact, it is highly durable. Manufactured from quality materials, it is built to last.

From its belt to its handle, everything has been designed to ensure maximum effort and durability. Obviously, you are going to use a walkingpad every single day and it will not work unless it is sturdy. Therefore, only reliable and quality parts are used to build it. Moreover, after its production, it is thoroughly tested and examined to make sure that it continues to deliver exceptional performance.

You can not only use it daily but also carry it with you if you prefer. It can easily withstand a beatdown. So, no need to hold back.

Whether you want to walk or jog, you can rely on the walking pad. You can always rest assured because your walkingpad is not going to break or wear down.


There are times when you wish that you could just move treadmill around. However, it is rather heavy and takes up a lot of space. It is not exactly portable.

On the other hand, a walkingpad is perfectly portable and even foldable. When you are done using it, you can just fold it and tuck it under your bed or even in your drawer as you want. The space it usually takes is further decreased once it is folded. It means that you can easily move it around and place it wherever you want. It is just as simple as that.

Even when you are planning to go to your friend’s, you can carry it with you to have a nice round of the workout. Moreover, whenever you feel like you have walked enough for the day, you can just fold it nicely and put it away. With a traditional treadmill, you cannot even shift it without wasting your energy.

Easy to Use

Walkingpads are designed to be interactive fitness and health tools that anyone can use easily without experiencing any difficulties. In fact, the interface of a walkingpad is rather simple. You only need to press a few buttons and it will get started.

Before anything else, you need to connect it to the power cord and then select your mode. It is just as simple as that and you don’t need to do anything else.

In addition to being easy to use, a walkingpad also offers you many other innovative features that a traditional treadmill does not. For instance, some walkingpads can even connect with your mobile phone to show important messages and notifications.

Moreover, it does not really consume excessive electricity. It requires minimal electricity to continue working, unlike a treadmill that can take a toll on your electricity bill.


In the end, if you have been struggling to lose weight and do not have time to go to a gym, it might be time to get a walkingpad. Those times are gone when people had to get treadmills to walk without going anywhere. Now, you can just purchase a walkingpad and it will allow you to walk indoors without wasting any space and electricity. You can even save a lot of money when you compare it to a treadmill and gym membership plan.

You can create a custom workout plan using a walkingpad or you can just use the one we have given above. You can further improve it to better suit your needs and preferences.

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