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Small Walking Pads Options

For a limited place or small size people, a small walking pad maybe your great choice. Don't need to pay more, also suit your place, as well as you can exercise anytime you want, how wonderful.

WalkingPad Foldable C1

Classic white and fashion grey color can be choose, with discount card, foldable, lightweight, portable, and low price, hot sale all the time, the cheapest one, shop now!
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WalkingPad Colorful C2

White, black, blue, yellow and red, no matter which is your favor, you can always get it on WalkingPad, big discount, many choices, high performance, foldable and portable, show now!
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WalkingPad High-end P1

Foldable, wide belt, 6km/h maximum speed, premium gray and popular pink, fashion style design and high-end beauty, you will love it the first time you see it. Shop now!
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How Big is The WalkingPad Walking Pad?

The main features of a small walking pad of WalkingPad are lightweight, thin, and small, if you really want to own a walking pad, but don't want it too big and heavy, you would like something compact, lightweight but also quiet, a walking pad for small space is definitely a great choice. As the pioneer of the foldable walking pad, based on rich experience, WalkingPad walking and running machine holds the same high quality, but small volume due to its foldable function, with 22 to 28kg net weight, 32.5''x21.5''x5'' dimension size, as well as 12km/h, a small walking pad only need to take up little room, suitable for long time sitting worker people.
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2 in 1 Foldable Small Walking Pads

WalkingPad Best Running X21

High quality materials, 12km/h maximum speed, great brushless motor, together with phone holder, clear LED display, shop now!
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WalkingPad Fast 2 in1 R2

The best 2 in 1 foldable walking pad for walking and running, 12km/h maximum speed, 240lbs weight capacity, advanced brushless motor, a quite competitive price, shop now!
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WalkingPad Cheap 2 In 1 R1 Pro

The cheapest 2 in1 foldable walking pad for running and walking, 10km/h maximum speed, fashion appearance, 33lbs net weight and 240lbs weight capacity, shop now!
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Should I Get A Walking Pad?

Before ordering a walking pad, you should ask yourself one question, will you use it if you get it? If so, I highly recommend you get one. My walking pad has been one of my best fitness purchases of all time, it makes things so much easier. Based on your sport plan and goals, as well as your height to choose the one suitable is more important. Taller people need wider and longer belt sizes, while a walking pad for small size people is perfect, doesn't waste space and money, is not too big and heavy, and definitely is a great helper for our healthy.
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Small Walking Pads Questions

In order to extend the lifetime and smooth operation of the mini folding walking pad, we need to do some simple daily maintenance.

First, keeping it clean is very important, we should swipe the dust, fur, water, and other substance on a small walking pad timely.

Second, after using a period, the walking pad needs to be lubricated, about once two months.

Third, there is a bolt on the side of this machine, tighten or loosen it to make sure the belt is in the middle of the small walking pad to lead to a comfortable and safe exercise environment.

Actually, a small walking pad is good for weight loss, as we can see, a small walking pad increases your sport time and sports steps, more working and running definitely can burn calories. A walking pad for small space is also designed as exercise equipment, if used more, it helps a lot for weight loss.

Compared to a treadmill, a walking pad is mainly designed for light exercise and life. The walking pad holds a small volume and foldable design, which is suit for home and office usage, especially for desk work people, put a walking pad under your desk, and you can walk and run anytime you want.

Similar to a regular treadmill in appearance, a walking pad also design with a belt for walking, jogging, and running, the difference is the walking pad doesn't have as large motor horsepower and fast speed as a treadmill, usually, the maximum speed of a walking pad is 12km/h.

If you're WFH, and just want to away from sedentary life, move more every day, and don't chase professional training and fast speed for the marathon, a walking pad couldn't be more suitable.

There are several kinds of walking pads, they're different in size and performance. These own small volume and belt size we called small walking pad, for limited space and small size people, it's definitely a good option.

After many years of growth, the walking pad is popular around the world, you may already find it on your social channel, and it's liked and recommended by many people, time is change, we don't have to go to the gym to exercise, we can run at home now.

1. Foldable. For small places, the foldable feature is more important, it can save more space. As the leader of the foldable walking pad, all our walking pad is foldable, what's more, they all can fold half, after usage, put under the bed, sofa, and desk, or even leaned against the wall, with the help of handle and wheels, you can do it by yourself.

2. Compact. The second element I can think of is the compact structure, adopt to one piece aluminum alloy skeleton design, WalkingPad walking pad enjoys compact-sized, not only it looks very smooth and majestic, but also enjoy a sturdy frame and is lightweight, no matter which style of your home, the small walking pad under desk seems all fit it.

3. Lightweight. Adopt aluminum material, the small foldable walking pad enjoys the balance pretty much between power and design, because of the properties of aluminum itself, you can't feel the plastic feeling at all, but also can feel its lightweight. With a net weight from 22kg to 28kg, a walking pad for small space is easy to carry upstairs by yourself.

4. Quiet. Considering your neighborhood and colleague, it would be great if a walking pad small is also quiet, in WalkingPad, it has come true. The average sound of an operation's small walk pad is 40 to 50 decibels, reviewed by many customers, this voice can't bother others. If you're walking on it when a Zoom call, the people will notice you're moving, but can't hear the voice. At the same time, if you also want to lower the voice, a special mat under a small walking pad will be a great idea.

In a word, if you work at home, or need to sit a long time a day, at the same time, in a small office or home office, a best small walking pad couldn't be more suitable, it needs less money, small space, it's lightweight that you can move it freely, the foldable function lets you don't worry about storage anymore, let alone quiet, a mini folding walking pad has all the ingredients you want, get your one now.

Yes, you can. There are different kinds of walking pads for limited space, one only for walking, and the other for both walking and running. If you only want to move more, and don't have more demand for running, I suggest a small walking pad only for walking. With a maximum speed of 6km/h, you can also be jogging if you want.

While on the contrary, I advise a 2 in 1 foldable walking pad for small space, for walking, jogging, and running. With a 12km/h maximum speed, this one will satisfy your daily running requirement. And of course, the price is different, the walking one from $370, and the 2 in 1 one from $599. Both of them adopt foldable patent and high-end materials, the 2 in 1 small walking pad enjoys more features, such as a sturdy frame, safety key, and strong handle. All of them enjoy excellent quality, just choose it based on your requirements.

If you're a socialist, you may find more times of small foldable walking pads , no matter hot girl walk, or a popular pink walking pad, liked by million people is enough to show that this product is worth it, come and get your own one now!

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