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Why Choose Electric Treadmills

Gone are the days we have to spend more and workout on gym, with the publish of foldable electric treadmill, you can workout at home freely. Don't worry the long winter or hot summer, as well as don't need to bothered by limited space and more invest, mainly designed for home and office, an electric treadmill at home is portable and convenient, giving you maximum control over your workout.
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Does A Treadmill Use A Lot of Electricity?

No, actually, an electric treadmill only cost less electricity. For example, the power inout of WalkingPad A1 pro is 932w, and its maximum speed is 6km/h, which means when you jogging 1 hour with a speed of 6km/h, you spend less than one KWh of electricity. But not many people can walk for an hour at top speed on a treadmill, therefore, a treadmill don't use a lot of electricity.
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Electric Treadmills Questions

It's varies from your usage goals and occasion. If you mainly want to use on your office to keep active, and increase steps every day, then an electric treadmill is better, it's foldable that you can put it under the desk, and the electric won't make you too tired to work. On the one hand, it can sharp our mind, on the other hand, it helps a lot for phycial and mental health.

Things get different if you have lower budget, and have enough space to store, you can also think of the manual treadmill.

When moving, the manual treadmill need to put more effort, while electric treadmill holds better features and contructions. Under the same speed, manual treadmill will consumes 30% more energy than electric treadmill, but trade-off with lower speed for walking and running.

Even in a low speed, the user's heart rate of manual treadmill can be in a high range, therefore, many people can't stay long time on the manual treadmill, instead of running at the treadmill, it's more likely dragging the road. But a manual treadmill is also easily to cause the joint stress, only great strength can let the machine move, but force will put a lot of pressure on the joints, every minute's walking will change the balance, running on a maual treadmill is more natural.

Own different speed will be the first advantage of electric treadmill, which leading people to running and walking passively, an electric treadmill can keep certain speed on a period, which is suitable for long time exercise.

Adjustabe speed, and more other features makes electric treadmill a good choice for burn calories and lose weight.

The electric treadmill motor is a square box, which is placed in the front of the belt, under the frame and near the LEDs display. Because of the casing, we can't see it from surface.

Both electric treadmill all enjoy great quality, the best for home is different based on various goals, budget and speed demand.

For example, if you only want to move more, don't have high demand for speed, as well as holds limited budget and space, then WalkingPad C1 will be your great choice, which is foldable, with 6km/h maximum speed that good for walking and jogging, as well as cheap price from $350, for a famous brand and excellent quality, which definately is a competitive price.

Of course, if you want to high speed, X21 also is a better choice, which speed can arrive at 12km/h that is great for running. Comfused to choose your treadmill, we're happy here to help, contact us now!

Yes, of course. An electric treadmill on office lets you walking anytime you want, compared to sitting for a long time, it can help burn more calories, high-end and professional belt design also offers strong cushioning function to protect knee and ankle, and it's quiet, don't worry about to bother others. Convnient walking lets us full of energy, and create more ideas, as well as raise work effienciency.

An electric treadmill at you home only need a small space to store, but you don't need to face noise environment of gym, busy traffic jam, don't worry the bad weather and fact-paced work schedule will stop off your daily exercise. You can put it in front of TV, walking on watching TV, listening to music and reading, the electric treadmill create a comfortable workout space for you and your family.

From $350 to more, compared to $60 a month of gym membership, an electric treadmill is a high cost-effective investment, not only you can enjoy all its convenience anytime, but also you get a machine in your home, do lots of help for family memeber's health.

Can't wait to get your own electric treadmill? Order it now. Any questions, plz don't heasitrate to contact us!

Yes. It's test that the operation sound of WalkingPad electric treadmill is from 40 to 55 decibles, so you don't need to worry about the angry face of your neiborhood or colleague. In order to lower the voice, you can also put a rubber mat on the floor where you want to place the treadmill, which can reduce the sound effectively.

During 20 years growing, WalkingPad obtains lots of experience, so far, we have won 6 international awards that contains red dot design award and iF award, 220 patent applications and 19 patent prizes, that's why we're confident to offer you quiet treadmills.

Besides these, we also have other features, such as remote control, safety key, sturdy handle and LED display, as well as lightweight. With similar function as regular treadmill in gym, but small volume and less budget, WalkingPad foldable electric treamill definately is a great choice.

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