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Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2019-To Bring Him Health

by Maggie Quinn 06 Jun 2019

Father’s Day is less than two weeks away. Have you got trouble selecting the best gift for your old man? Most people may get tired of sending father belts, razors, briefcases and things like that. It is time to get rid of the cliche and find out more meaningful gifts for dad.

In this rapid age, the growing work pressure is threatening the health of white-collars. Many people are drowning in their work in the office but starved for time to workout in the gym. Some other people may suffer from obesity or heart disease and cannot do severe exercises. The upcoming Father’s Day gives us a great opportunity to really care about our father’s health. Health is the best Father’s Day special. Read through this Father’s Day gift guide to find out some recommendations on bringing your dad a stronger body.

1. Relax in a massage armchair

A comfortable massage armchair can release the fatigue and pressure, resting all the body from head and neck to the feet and toes. Sinking in a massage chair after work while listening to some soft music feels like in a paradise. Imagine your father rest himself in the massage chair after a whole day’s work and watch his favorite baseball game on TV. Isn’t it a sweet gift on daddy day?

However, a massage chair may not be a perfect gift for those who have limited space in their house. A bulky massage chair will take up quite a lot space and make the entire house even more crowded.  


2. Walking while working

Talking about saving space, you may have not heard of this portable WalkingPad. Taking up less than 5ft²after folded, a walking treadmill is easy to move and store either at home or in the office. This means your father can even do exercise while working. 

kingsmith walking treadmill

Unlike other treadmills, this walking treadmill is quite novel and unique, and can meet different demands. For those who are not suitable for severe exercise, walking is a perfect alternative to other aerobics. For those who cannot spare time to workout, walking while working can find a balance between work and fitness.

A sedentary job may cause fat accumulation at the hip and do harm to the blood circulation of the legs. One can feel the soreness of waist and leg numbness after long-time sitting in office or conference rooms. Sending your father an under desk treadmill can easily solve this problem. The most amazing part is that, with the adaptive speed technology, your father is carefree about adjusting the speed when focusing on work because the walking treadmill is smart enough to sense the posture changes and judge when to accelerate or decelerate.  


3. Improve the circulation with a foot spa bath

A foot spa or foot massager is a product that can pamper the feet with a warm water spa. The health of feet is often overlooked. In fact, many blood vessels converge at the foot. Foot spa can stimulate blood circulation and help the body detoxify.

If your father is doing a job with prolonged standing, a foot spa bath would be an excellent gift to relive the fatigue of his feet. A foot spa bath is one of the good gifts for dad from daughter. In the long run, your father’s body will get stronger and healthier.


4. Record health data with a smartwatch

Many smartwatches can be connected to the smartphone through Bluetooth nowadays. It is convenient to check one’s health data, for example, heart rate or calories burned every day, through digital devices.

If your father’s body condition needs to be paid attention to, sending him a smartwatch would be a good idea. Share his health data with family members so that they can check his status anywhere at any time. Any abnormal status can be noticed in time. Family members can take proper action before it is too late.

black smartwatch

5. Go for Fathers Day activities

If your father is too tight at work, maybe it’s time to have some time off and loosen up with family. Invite your father to go hiking and pick a healthy restaurant to have a meal could refresh his spirit and prepare him for later work.       

Also, it is a great opportunity to recreate the golden memory you had with your father when you were little. Play frisbee in the backyard, go fishing nearby the river, swim in the pool and more. Compared with convincing your father to go to the gym, asking him to work out with family seems more intriguing and achievable. Furthermore, to go for family activities not only brings physical fitness, but also relives psychological pressure.


While giving presents to your dad, you consider not only the practicability of the present, but also the long-term benefits it can bring to him. Health is always worth investing. Bringing your dad health really shows your concern about him.

Go pick one gift and don’t forget to care about your father regularly. He is always your superman, but his body may not be tough forever.


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