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What Are the Annoying Things about the Gym?

by Maggie Quinn 02 Sep 2019

10 Things You Hate in the Gym

Going to the gym can help you stay healthy. But it’s not a fun experience for everyone. There are many reasons that can upset us when visiting our local gym.

Here are 10 popular things that can ruin your gym experience.


Overcrowded Gyms

Many of us have similar hours that we want to exercise. Going to the gym in the morning or after work is the busiest time of the day.

Overcrowded gyms can be deterring people who want to get into the habit of exercising. It’s not always easy to convince yourself to go to the gym when you know that there will be too many people to actually enjoy it.

If you cannot change your schedule to go at a quieter time, you might want to consider the option of WalkingPad.

We’ve designed it to make sure that you can exercise at your own needs and pace from the best location that suits you.

overcrowded gyms

Waiting for your turn in equipment

It’s not ideal when you want to try out a particular piece of equipment and you have to wait for half an hour to get to it. Whether it’s an overcrowded gym or simply someone taking a long time in the particular equipment, it can ruin your sets waiting for your turn.

When it comes to your own gym etiquette, try to be considerate of those around you. You don't want to do what you’d hate on others.


Dealing with sweaty equipment

One of the most annoying things you can notice in a gym is how sweaty everything can be. It’s common to notice benches, pads, or pieces of equipment covered in sweat.

This is an experience that can keep you away from a gym. Sweat is not just unpleasant but it can also be unhygienic. It can contain bacteria so you want to make sure that you keep a towel handy to take the sweat away.


Texting In The Gym

It’s probably one of the most common pet peeves that upset you when going to the gym. The use of phones while exercising is more frequent than ever and it certainly won’t stop anytime soon.

Many people use their phones to get distracted while exercising. Texting can be helpful for them to lose track of time while exercising but it can be annoying for you if you're waiting for them to finish their turn in the equipment.

There’s a difference between sending a message or logging your workout and texting for an hour when there’s a queue of people waiting for their turns.

If you’re guilty of this habit, try to find a balance between using your phone and being present in your exercise. It can also help you to stay focused to be aware of your body when there are no constant distractions.

woman texting in the gym

Fear of being sick

Sweat can be everywhere in a gym. If you’re feeling unwell then it’s better to avoid visiting a gym. A runny nose or a cold can spread the germs to everyone else attending the gym.

You might have noticed how you can feel sick after a visit to the gym. The number of people attending daily and the possible lack of hygiene can make it extremely easy to be sick.


Weights that are not put back in place

It’s not just upsetting but also inconsiderate to see someone not putting the weights back in place.

Next time you’re finished with your practice make sure you put them back in place. It makes it easier for everyone to use them afterward and you’re also avoiding potential accidents.



All gyms have at least a couple of people (or more) grunting while exercising. Performative grunts are common, especially among regular gym-goers.

Not everyone is keen on such sounds and it can also be deterred if you're still new to gym exercising.

man grunting at the gym


Posing For Selfies

It’s not a problem if you want to take one photo to share it with your friends when exercising. We’ve all done this.

But it’s becoming more frequent nowadays to be surrounded by gym-goers who are more interested in taking selfies rather than exercising.

It’s important to find a balance between enjoying your time and becoming fully self-absorbed that you end up ignoring others. It’s probably not the best idea to stay at the treadmill longer on a busy gym to take some extra selfies.


Receiving unwelcome advice

Not everyone is comfortable with chatting to strangers especially when you’re exercising. You can’t always control the number of interactions you’ll have at a gym.

Many people are dreading these interactions especially when you end up receiving unwelcome advice on your exercising habits.

You don’t want to be rude but you don’t necessarily need for tips from someone who might not understand your own preferred exercises.


Loud music

Gym music needs to keep you active and motivated enough to keep going. Chart hits are common and you either love them or hate them.

If you’re not enjoying this type of music or if you’re simply finding it too loud, then you know how annoying it can be.

Bringing your headphones can help you pick your own music or even to reduce the noise and buzz from everyone else.


What do you hate the most when going to the gym? Would you rather stay at home instead of going to the gym?

    We all want to stay healthy but it shouldn’t feel like a chore. Going to the gym is not fun for everyone but it shouldn’t prevent us from exercising.

    Whether it’s a lack of time, budget, or even other responsibilities, many of us simply don’t want to go to the gym.

    So how can you stay healthy?

    Here are 5 exercises that you can do at home, in the office, or anywhere else without feeling distracted by others in the gym.


    5 ways to stay healthy without going to the gym

    Take the stairs instead of the elevator

    It’s easy to be trapped in a sedentary lifestyle on a daily basis but even the smallest changes can make a difference.

    How about taking the stairs instead of the elevator as frequently as possible?

    It might be easier (and faster) to use the elevator but it’s not helping you to stay healthier. Next time you’re in your office, in the mall or in a hotel and you want to go to the first or second floor, look around. Take the stairs instead and walk up instead.

    Even better, start taking the stairs when you’re going down the floors. It’s even easier but it still counts as an exercise.

    Despite the initial unwillingness, you will soon start noticing an increased heart rate that signals the start of a healthy activity that’s good for you.

    step, stairs

    Start cycling to work

    Have you ever tried to cycle to work? Cycling allows you to feel more energetic while clearing your mind. It’s also a good way to get your heart rate up feeling more motivated and active in your daily routine.

    If you haven’t tried it before, start by cycling to small distances. There are also many cities offering public biking schemes that encourage commuters to leave their cars at home instead.

    You can even rent a bike to try it out at first.

    It’s a great way to feel more energetic and you won’t regret it in the longer term!


    Walk with WalkingPad

    Not all of us enjoy going to the gym. But we also don’t have the space to install gym equipment at home. This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t stay active though.

    WalkingPad is bringing the benefits of walking to your own lifestyle with a modern and light design that makes exercising easier. No more queues on the treadmill at the gym. All you need is a foldable walking platform that fits under your desk or the cabinet.

    Whether you’re a work-from-home parent or a busy entrepreneur, it’s now easier than ever to simply plug the treadmill to increase your activity levels.

    walkingpad walking at home

    Stretch regularly

    Sitting for long periods of time is not good for your health. It’s easy to forget it when working in an office for more than 8 hours every day.

    That’s why you need to take regular breaks to get up and move around. Light stretches can help you feel active but also productive.

    Set alarm reminders (there are even apps for this!) to make sure that you never forget to take your breaks.


    Use fitness apps to track your progress

    You don’t need a personal trainer to stay healthy. Luckily, there are many fitness apps nowadays full of exercises that are customized to your lifestyle.

    You can even keep track of your fitness goals to motivate yourself to stay active.




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