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13 Home Exercise Equipment Ideas for you to Stay Fit at Home

by King Smith 09 May 2020

Many people wish to start or maintain a healthy lifestyle, be it for the enhanced physique, or to help with their mobility. Numerous people set it as their new year’s resolution, to get a gym membership, then they just leave it to collect dust.

There’s no need for excuses, exercise is a thing that should be part of our regular routine and we don’t need to go to the gym to stay fit.


Sedentary Lifestyles and Why Many Don’t Exercise


With the increase in office-based jobs becoming the norm, many people no longer need to be moving around as much. This has a negative effect on those who work long hours and come home fatigued without paying mind to the body’s need to exercise.

There are numerous health risks that may apply to those who don’t exercise as much, some of which include:


  • High blood pressure
  • Low energy
  • Higher risk of osteoporosis
  • Obesity
  • Stiff joints


The reasons why people don’t exercise could be due to a busy office lifestyle, or busy raising a child, but this doesn’t mean you should compromise fitness.

Just because you can’t commit to a weekly routine of going to the gym, doesn’t mean you’re unable to exercise and stay fit.


Here are 13 examples of exercise equipment you can get for the home, in case you’re unable to stay fit in the gym.

 stay home

1. Push Up Bars

Perfect for performing push-ups with correct form, working your triceps, chest, and wrist muscles. These can even be carried around if you’re out and about and are a very convenient tool to help correct your form.

Working the forearms during push-ups that you probably wouldn’t have worked without them. Start off with a number that suits you, like 3 sets of 10 for beginners.


1. Pull Up Bar

Pull-ups are a great exercise to improve upper body strength and size, fast. Pull-ups have the benefit of having numerous variations. Examples include the hammer grip, muscle-ups, as well as narrow, wide, and the classic pull up.

This workout is easy-to-do from home and works the whole upper body, including the back muscles, your traps, core, chest, as well as biceps and triceps.

For beginners we recommend 3 sets of 5 reps to start with, gradually increasing as do your abilities.


2. Kettle Bell

Kettlebells are a piece of equipment that can be kept in your bedroom, which you can easily use day today to help keep fit. Kettlebells benefit the body in various aspects, from the core muscles to improving balance, and I’m improving overall strength, as well as general stabilizing muscles.


3. Walking Pad A1 Home Treadmill

The WalkingPad A1 is a fold-away treadmill that can be used in the home. Walking on a treadmill has numerous benefits, those of which include the working of the calf muscles.

As well as the brisk-walking movement being a light form of cardio, this is the perfect exercise to do from home.


Buy this WalkingPad A1 now from our official website:


4. Dumbbells

Dumbbells are perfect for those wishing to build general muscle mass from home, with various possible variations of exercise possible from this mere bit of equipment.

One could do a simple bicep curl exercise to work the traps and bicep muscles or use them to add weight to your daily squat exercises. There are many types of dumbbells available and some that are weight-adjustable too, so one of the essentials of the list.


5. Exercise Bike

Exercise bikes are a convenient solution to those who need to get their daily cardiovascular exercise but don’t get the time in their daily life.

Typically inexpensive, most exercise bikes are also fairly small so they won’t take that much space in the home.


6. Skipping Rope

Remember when you used to skip like a child? Many underestimate the benefits of skipping, and how easy it is to incorporate in your routine.

This cardiovascular exercise is popular among boxers, and work the calve muscles, burn calories and stimulate lymphatic flow around the body.


7. Hand Grippers

Hand grippers are a great piece of equipment to help you work your wrist and forearm muscles.

The best thing about using hand grips is that you end up subconsciously using it throughout the day, and you’ll see real results in the transformation of your forearms.


8. Yoga Ball

Yoga is a form of exercise popular among many. One can use a yoga ball to perform variations of push-ups, stretch, or improve general balance.

Yoga balls are a home exercise solution suitable for those of all ages.


9. Punching Bag

Another popular exercise among boxers, for both cardio and strength conditioning, is the utilization of the punching bag.

Punching bags can be easily installed in the home and offer a great solution for a daily cardio session; for those looking to train daily but aren’t quite ready to take the time or commitment for a gym or fighting gym membership.


10. Barbells

Barbells are the longer version of dumbbells. Barbells are useful for squat exercises, as well as chest and bicep workouts.

Some can benefit from chest presses or barbell curls for example.


11. Ab Roller

The ab roller is the perfect piece of equipment to fully engage the core and is easy to incorporate into your daily workout routine.

These are generally not pricey too, an easy way of incorporating a convenient ab workout into your routine.


12. Suspension Trainers

Suspension trainers are stretchy pieces of fabric that can be suspended from pretty much anywhere, allowing you to perform home workouts that work the upper body.

Workouts that can be done with suspension trainers include pushups, dips, and rows, which target the triceps mainly but also the chest and upper back muscles.


quarantine at home



With the ever-growing sedentary lifestyles of this day and age, we now more than ever need to take more responsibility for our health.

It only takes small changes, daily habits, and healthy alternatives to junk food, to make a real change in your health.

Ensure you incorporate some of these home workouts into your daily routine, there should be no excuses, there are many exercises that don’t require equipment of any sort.


In a word

Everybody can do a bit of exercise from home, find 30 minutes spare, and boost their health while doing so.

Everybody can find time to do so too. Health should be everyone’s top priority and so we should consider the time spent exercising as an investment towards a better you.

Home exercise equipment becomes very necessary during the coronavirus quarantine. More people are asking about WalkingPad and ready to get one for home exercise like a daily walk. 

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