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How to Lose Weight Fast Using a Walking Pad Treadmill

by King Smith 16 Jun 2024

Weight loss is one topic that is quite sensitive yet must be discussed. A vast majority of adults make efforts to shed some excess weight so they can be in tip-top shape and have a very healthy body system. However, losing even a little percent of one's weight is not easy to achieve, but when one focuses on the health benefits, I believe that should be a great motivation. I used to be overweight—not hereditary, though, but as a result of my sedentary lifestyle—and then I woke up one morning and decided to do all I could to lose the excess weight. When I lost about 2 percent of my weight, I noticed a great difference in my overall body system, which I will be revealing to you now. 

6 Important Benefits You Should Know About Losing Weight

1. Healthy heart: Our heart, which is a strong muscle, works as a machine that does the work of helping blood filled with oxygen circulate throughout the body. However, when one is overweight, there is extra stress or pressure placed on the heart. It's just like you are making it work overtime. And what happens when it can't function effectively again? It fails! However, when one loses extra weight, the heart is able to function at a normal rate without the risk of heart failure. 

2. Reduces risk of diabetes: You may have heard that being overweight poses a great risk of developing diabetes. That's correct, and here's why. A study by the National Library of Medicine in 2022 reveals that when one is overweight and has increased abdominal and intra-abdominal fat distribution, this can lead to the development of prediabetes and type 2 diabetes. The reason for this is that the increased fat production and distribution cause chronic low-level inflammation and ultimately lead to both insulin resistance and β-cell dysfunction. In essence, losing weight will help to reduce abdominal fat and also reduce the blood sugar level. So, one does not face the risk of developing this health condition.

3. Reduces stress on joints: The human body is designed to carry a particular weight, but when it is excessive, it puts stress on the joints, resulting in painful joint conditions such as arthritis. This is why most overweight people can't bend for long; they would most likely need help to get back up. Their knees are stressed and weak, resulting in aches and pains. When this goes on for a long period, it develops into a chronic and painful condition. However, regular exercise prevents this from happening. 

4. Improved confidence: There's no denying that appearance is one of the factors linked to improved self-confidence. This is one of the reasons why many opt for permanent surgeries like the gastric sleeve, in which a part of the stomach is reduced to make it smaller, so they can control their food portions and stay in shape. When you are not battling with excess weight, you feel super confident about yourself. 

5. Improved sleep quality: When one is obese, their sleep quality is negatively impacted. It is recommended that one get an average of 8 hours every night, but excess weight affects the proper sleep cycle. However, weight loss corrects this. It resets the metabolism, ensuring the sleep cycle is corrected. 

6. Lowers risk of stroke: When one loses excess weight by exercising, high blood pressure is lowered, which slows the clogging of arteries. In other words, when there is no pressure on the heart and blood vessels, the probability of having a blood clot is greatly reduced. 

Diet or Sport? Which is more beneficial for weight loss?

Many people who are looking to go on a weight-loss journey are mostly asking this question. Should I focus on dieting alone or exercise to lose weight?  And believe me, there is much information on either of these two options, including misleading information. However, the method I know that has proven to work is by engaging in regular sports or exercise. Here’s why?

Dieting is great and important, but when looking to lose weight by strictly cutting calories in your diet alone, you are most likely to end up where you started the journey. When you go on a strict diet, provided you even get the idea of calculating the right proportion of protein and carbohydrates, and you lose weight without prioritizing physical exercise for permanently keeping off the weight, you may be surprised that you will gain those weights back. Yes, you read that right. 

The reason is that it is regular physical activity that is more effective. People who have lost weight and are still able to keep it off without surgery rely on exercise because it burns mostly fat, which dieting alone can't do. When you exercise regularly, your body fat shrinks and your muscles are strengthened and toned. Regular exercise gives you increased metabolism because it is done daily; therefore, you are guaranteed to burn fat every day. 

However, this doesn't mean you have to spend more of your time in the gym before you can see the benefits of exercising. The beauty of exercising is that it is a gradual process. You build on it as your body capacity can carry. Start with shorter sessions and take breaks in between. Increase its frequency and intensity, and rest assured that you are burning calories. 

The Relationship Between Running and Health

One of the most popular forms of physical exercise is running. It requires gym membership because you can engage in this exercise around your neighborhood. However, some believe it is only when you engage in squats or deadlifts with an instructor in the gym centers that you can lose weight. That is incorrect, because running is a way to burn calories. So, whether you are running or jogging, if you do it regularly, you are rewarded with health benefits just like the other forms of exercise. 

WalkingPad running treadmill

Here are the health benefits of running: 

Strong Bones: Regular running is beneficial to our bones. It is a weight bearing activity. This means that as you hit your leg on the floor repeatedly when you run, the impact, though mildly stressful, helps to strengthen the bones. Once it is repeated, the bones get used to it, and since this is a healthy form of stress, they get used to it. In addition, running also helps to strengthen muscles. 

More Productivity: When one engages in that same work routine day in and day out, there is a high chance of losing motivation, which in turn results in reduced productivity. If this happens, then you can consider going for a short run. Regular running helps boost our energy and mental acuity and increase our level of productivity. When you run, you will be rewarded with an immediate energy refill due to its endorphin-releasing properties. This keeps you motivated throughout the day. 

Stress Management: When you run, you are giving your body a natural stress-relief boost. Engaging in this exercise reduces cortisol, the stress hormone, and increases your endorphins, which are the brain's feel-good chemicals. This chemical can be likened to a natural painkiller that takes away stress and helps you relax. 

Healthy Immune System: Our immune system is prone to attacks from several disease agents, like bacteria. The good news is that aside from weight loss and bodybuilding, exercise helps improve our immune system and fight off infections. A typical example is when you are running. Your breathing rate gets faster, and more oxygen is pumped into your bloodstream. This fast breathing rate helps push bacteria out of your lungs. 

Burns calories: This is an important aspect of running for those looking to lose weight. Though it is regarded as a way to relax and burn off stress, running also helps burn calories. When it is done regularly, running can help you burn more calories than other forms of exercise. When you run for a mile, you are able to burn up to 100 calories. When you are armed with this 100-calorie/mile rule, you can decide to run 4 miles a day to burn 400 calories.

 Why Using a WalkingPad Foldable Treadmill

When embarking on a journey of weight loss through running, one major factor to keep in mind is consistency. Consistency is advised because this physical fitness routine requires time and commitment until you achieve your desired result and for maintenance. However, when people go through the traditional route by running outdoors or registering in a gym, there is a high chance of a lack of consistency as a result of a change in schedule or even bad weather, and when this happens, a downward spiral occurs. Even if you have lost about 8 percent of your weight, you will gain it back. You will be surprised by how fast you gain the weight you ran so hard to shed. Quite sad, right? This is where a better alternative to easily achieving your running goals comes in: the WalkingPad, the foldable treadmill. 

WalkingPad R2 running treadmill

A WalkingPad is a miniature foldable treadmill that is designed to be compact and will help you achieve your weight loss goals. This product is designed to help one avoid falling into the unhealthy trap of a sedentary lifestyle by creating an avenue where achieving your physical fitness goals is achievable irrespective of your work schedule or weather conditions. All you simply need are comfortable clothes and running shoes, and you are guaranteed to stay fit and active all year round. The features of the folding treadmill are quite different from those of the treadmills at gym centers. A WalkingPad is a smaller and more complex exercise machine that can easily fit into small spaces, such as under your working desk or couch, at a lower price. It allows you to work and exercise from the comfort of your home. So, as you burn your work hours, you also burn calories without being out of breath. A win-win situation. 

It was when I became a full-time remote worker that I realized that, though I love the solitude that I get, I needed to solve the problem of sitting still for extended hours daily. I began to experience severe joint pain; I started adding weight; I ate more than before; and I had trouble sleeping. When I purchased and started using the foldable walking pad , I noticed a great change in my body system. I began with a slow pace and gradually increased it as I got more used to it. However, even at the seemingly slow pace, I was still burning calories. I lost 50 pounds. I no longer have the fear of being overweight; my sleep cycle got regulated; and I said goodbye to joint pain and low work productivity. Even my boss noticed the changes. 

If you are just starting out with the walking pad folable, here's how to use it for active weight loss. Slow and steady wins the race. Start slow and gradually build up your walking time. You can begin with just 15 to 20 minutes for two separate sessions, with a break in between. When you are sure your body can take on longer sessions, increase your workout time the following week. Continue to increase the usage time each week as your miles per hour increase. 

Most people who work from home prefer the foldable treadmill pad because it keeps you out of your chair and keeps you moving as you carry out your work. You are opportune to get some extra movement in your life. While you are walking, you can easily type, make work calls, and even binge-watch some episodes of your favorite show. However, note that this is not some magical device that will automatically make you lose 15 pounds a week. No, after all, it allows you to multitask. However, rest assured that you are going to lose weight gradually when you are consistent with it. You can conveniently achieve up to 10,000 steps a day. Just ensure you get some movement in a day. 


Weight loss can be achieved in different ways, but for those who work from home or are prone to a sedentary lifestyle, the WalkingPad, a foldable treadmill, easily solves that problem and helps them achieve their fitness goals all year round. While it is proven that WalkingPad can help you achieve weight loss, be aware that you must be consistent in using it to see the desired result. I wish you success as you journey towards achieving a healthier body system with the foldable treadmill.

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