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Portable Treadmills Options

If you're new to the treadmill, maybe you're confused. However, if you're a desk worker that needs to sit a long time every day, especially needing to work at home alone, dizzy and bored when completing every day's work, you will feel how wonderful life is when owning a portable treadmill.

WalkingPad Foldable C1

Classic white and fashion grey color can be choose, with discount card, foldable, lightweight, portable, and low price, hot sale all the time, the cheapest one, shop now!
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WalkingPad Colorful C2

White, black, blue, yellow and red, no matter which is your favor, you can always get it on WalkingPad, big discount now, many choices, high performance, foldable and portable, show now!
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WalkingPad High-end P1

Foldable, wide belt, 6km/h maximum speed, premium gray and popular pink, fashion style design and high-end beauty, you will love it the first time you see it. Shop now!
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Why Choose Portable Treadmills?

As its name implied, the portable treadmills let you move and store easily, you can put it under your desk, and you can walk or run freely after completing a stage of work. Or just move on it to keep active and produce more ideas, which relax your nerve, offering a relaxed and pleasant working environment, as well as increasing work efficiency. Adopt a series of advanced technology, as well as thoughtful customer service and comprehensive instruction detail, WalkingPad is able to offer wide treadmill portable options with excellent quality and fashion looking.

2 in 1 Cheap Foldable Walking Pad

WalkingPad Best Running X21

High quality materials, 12km/h maximum speed, great brushless motor, together with phone holder, clear LED display, shop now!
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WalkingPad Fast 2 in 1 R2

The best 2 in 1 foldable walking pad for walking and running, 12km/h maximum speed, 240lbs weight capacity, advanced brushless motor, a quite competitive price, shop now!
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WalkingPad Cheap 2 In 1 R1 Pro

The cheapest 2 in1 foldable walking pad for running and walking, 10km/h maximum speed, fashion appearance, 33lbs net weight and 240lbs weight capacity, shop now!
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Should I Buy A Portable Treadmill?

Busy work and terrible weather stop you from moving? Why not choose a portable treadmill? Only need 3 seconds, and you can enjoy the endless joy of walking and running. Based on the CDC report, keeping active is so important for our health, doing any form of activity regularly, you will find a positive influence, among them, running and walking are simple and great ways to stay active. Spare a little time on busy working for sports, however, we have to bear the countless traffic light, several holes on the road, as well as the crowd on a gym, all of these will break a good mood today, it's time to think of a best portable treadmill. Matched with height adjustable standing desk, a portable treadmill under desk will bring you a good mood all day long.
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Portable Treadmill Questions

1. Wide option range. Relying on 20 years of rich experience, WalkingPad offers a wide range of small portable treadmills, which mainly contain 2 types, a walking portable treadmill, and 2 in1 portable treadmill. the first one is only for walking, and the second is mainly designed for walking and running, both of them are foldable. Commonly, the walking mini portable treadmill holds lightweight and slow speeds.

2. Excellent quality. WalkingPad is the first company that proposed and published a foldable concept, after continuous research and innovation, WalkingPad is capable to provide you with a series of mature and high-quality portable treadmills under desk that are tested by the market, as well as popular among customers.

3. Advanced technology. Owned 3 factories, and over 700 staff, WalkingPad owns a professional expert technical team, so far, we have won 6 international awards, 220 patent applications, and 19 patents. The one-piece aluminum alloy design and brushless motor usage, not only lead to fashion appearance, but also less maintenance of portable walking treadmills.

4. Unique product features. In WalkingPad, you can choose colorful portable under desk treadmills, fashion grey, classic black, shining diamond blue, passionate red, and outstanding yellow, based on your home decoration style choose the one you favor.

Besides the color, WalkingPad mini portable treadmill is also equipped with a clear LED display where you can find your sports data, like time, speed, sports distance, and burned calories quickly and clearly.

5. High safety level. Equipped with a fourth-layer professional running belt structure, which enjoys large cushioning capacity, and plays an important role to reduce noise and shock, on the other hand, this design also can protect our knee and ankle very well.

For running a portable foldable treadmill, we are equipped with a safety key in case of an emergency situation.

6. During this time, WalkingPad published a discount activity, in which you can gain a $100 discount card when buying a home portable treadmill, this is a great deal for a famous brand.

At present, you have known more about the portable electric treadmill, but faced with so many home treadmill types, how to choose the one best? How to know which one is suitable for yourself, reading continue and you will find the answer.

There are several questions you need to consider first before ordering, only clear them, then you will find the most suitable treadmill.

1. What sports goal do you want on the portable treadmill?

The suitable electric portable treadmill varies on the purpose of the exercise, which also decided the horsepower, motor, weight capacity, and belt size. For instance, if only for walking, then need 1hp motor is okay, but for running, bigger horsepower means fast speed, so you should choose 1.5hp or more. At the same time, running also needs wider and longer belt sizes to ensure a comfortable and safe sport environment.

2. What's your budget?

Before choosing the foldable portable treadmill on the market, you should make a plan for your budget. Clear the budget and goals will help you identify your suitable lightweight portable treadmill quickly. In WalkingPad, you can get a walking portable treadmill at a low price of $370, and $699 for a running portable folding treadmill.

But one point we should know, a low budget doesn't mean to bad product, the difference between low price and high price is the function and other features. For a high price, you paid for the wider belt, bigger horsepower, fast speed, and heavy capacity weight. However, if you only want to do some movement in your home, you only need to pay for the basic function.

Only combination your budget with your exercise goal, you can get a clear list that which function is important for you, and which are unnecessary, then you can get a smart choice for a portable folding treadmill.

3. Where do you want to put this portable treadmill?

This is another important point you should care for. Though the WalkingPad treadmill small portable can be folded, you should spare enough space for the unfolded state. Before purchasing, you also should be clear whether the portable treadmill for home needs to be carried upstairs and move more, if yes, then the handle and built-in wheel design will help a lot.

In a word, double checking the specification to ensure the weight capacity and sports space will meet your demand is very important.

This is the biggest concern of each runner, as a runner with 8 years of experience, I can answer you for sure, the portable mini treadmill with reasonable damping design doesn't do any harm to the knee.

Actually, when we run on a portable treadmill for home, the moment the footfalls, the body weight doesn't directly act on the knee, under the damping design, our body weight, and acceleration of gravity both act on the belt and damping equipment. Good damping equipment holds perfect cushioning and can afford the pressure of knee and ankle when running, which do more protection for our body. That's why running on a portable mini treadmill doesn't hurt your knee.

A shock absorbing system is one of the key techs of small portable treadmills, reasonable and great damping can protect our knee and ankle effectively, and reduce physical damage. The entire shock absorbing system mainly contains a silicone shock absorber, airbag shock absorber, spring shock absorber, and cantilever shock absorber.

800w can output 1.1 horsepower, which is okay for walking and jogging. But if for running, 800w is not enough.

Yes, of course. An affordable portable walking treadmill can save time, space, and money, letting you do sports any time you want, as well as protecting your knee and ankle, so why not choose a portable treadmill?

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