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Everything You Want to Know About Office Treadmill

by King Smith 15 Sep 2023

An undeniable problem with desk jobs is the excessive sitting that workers get to face throughout the day. Opting for a daily stroll mid-work might look like a solution, but it’s no different from a drop of water in an Ocean. 
Office Treadmills help you get more movement into your work days, as sedentary lifestyles pose several health threats and make every activity extra boring. At the same time, office treadmills maintain your work focus, unlike the pauses and distractions that come with stretches and strolls.
Therefore, if you are considering starting the Office Treadmill journey, this article entails everything you will need to walk with.

walking pad A1 pro walking pad x21

What are Office Treadmills?

Going beyond the obvious eponymous description, an office treadmill, also known as the under-desk treadmill and foldable treadmill, is an exercise machine particularly popular among office workers, which allows an individual to combine physical activity and work. 
It is a specialized machine designed to promote physical activity while performing sedentary tasks, primarily office work. Most times, office treadmills take the form of a merged adjustable desk office, and a medium-sized treadmill, which allows its users to walk and work simultaneously.

Do Office Treadmills Work?

Office treadmills function the same as regular gym treadmills, letting you workout more at the office. Some of the newer models however might come with advanced features, like remote control devices, foldable, lightweight, and slim.
Office treadmills eliminate negative health effects that are attributed to prolonged sitting and help maintain full physical awareness during working hours. 

Types of Office Treadmills 

There are two different categories of office treadmills- office treadmills based on build, and office treadmills based on functionality.


Foldable Office Treadmills vs Stationary Office Treadmills 

As the name implies, foldable office treadmills are variations that can be folded and stored when not in use. They usually have smaller shock and sound absorbers, but are very light, space-economical, and easy to maintain. 
The foldable variants are compatible, and can easily fit in small spaces. A good example of the foldable variant is the WalkingPad R2 Walk & Run 2in1 Foldable Treadmill.
While the stationary office treadmills are fixed to a particular spot, just like the regular gym treadmills. They are stronger, but occupy a ridiculous amount of space.
Compared to the traditional treadmill in gym, WalkingPad new foldable treadmill is more suit for the office due to its small volume, slim, and lightweight. 

Walking Office Treadmills vs Running Office Treadmills

The walking office treadmills are the low-effort office treadmills. They are designed for lighter movements and have a speed range of 0-6km/h, While the running office treadmills are faster, and have a speed range of 0-12km/h. 

How much would it cost to get an Office Treadmill?

Usually a high-quality office treadmill is not a cheap option, because of their rarity in the market. However, an orthodox office treadmill that includes a desk and a running desk would cost between $500 and $1000, for great quality and famous brand, this price holds good value for money.

Are Office Treadmills noisy?

Under desk treadmills are particularly less noisy than regular gym treadmills and cardio bikes. They have been designed to be tolerable in work environments. Noise-cancelling materials, like acoustic foam panels or walking pad mat can be placed on the bases of the treadmills to mitigate the amount of sound they produce. 
An average office treadmill produces about 42 to 52 decibels of background noise. 

How much space do I need to own an Office Treadmill?

Office Treadmills come in different sizes, shapes, and functional attributes. These options are key in determining the amount of space you'll need to have an under-desk office treadmill set up. 

Generally, a compact treadmill desk can require as little as 2 to 3 square feet of floor space, while larger models may need 4 to 8 square feet. It is also essential to consider the size of the workspace when installing an office treadmill.
However, foldable office treadmills don’t need extra storage space. They can be easily wrapped up and put under the bed, desk, and sofa when not in use. The space area around the treadmill should also be considered, to ensure conducive exercise activities and prevent accidents. 

Benefits of Office Treadmills 

The office treadmill is a fitness tool that offers a wide range of benefits to its users. They include;

Boosts focus levels
Being in a single position can be really tiring, and at the same time, affect the sharpness of one's attention span. However, the desk office treadmill combines work and physical activity and increases blood flow and oxygen to the brain, enhancing cognitive function. Gentle physical activity promotes alertness, reduces mental fatigue, and encourages a more productive and engaged work environment, ultimately helping individuals stay focused on jobs and tasks.

Transforms protein into muscle
Office Treadmills- just like gym treadmills, go far in building up muscles from carbs. It is a way to break periods of sitting on your desk and can contribute to muscle development by promoting protein synthesis- hence transforming heavy work lunches into massive biceps. Walking on an office treadmill engages muscles throughout the body, helping to convert dietary protein into lean muscle tissue, thereby enhancing overall strength and fitness levels.

Improves posture
Using office treadmills improves posture by encouraging users to stand and walk, which naturally aligns the spine and reduces the likelihood of slouching. The act of walking is a key stimulant to core muscles, thereby promoting a more stable and upright posture while reducing the strain on stress points like the lower back, neck, and shoulders. 

Besides the health benefits, having an office treadmill gives your workspace an assorted look and is a really cool tech piece to own. 

Challenges associated with Office Treadmills

Despite the numerous health benefits of Office Treadmills, there are a few problems beginners might face while transitioning to walking and working. 
Most treadmill brands tend to attach expensive prices to office treadmills because they are in vogue and are relatively rare. However, there are a few under-desk office treadmill brands that keep their prices affordable and offer relatively good machines.
And for beginners, faced with more parameters of office treadmill, they will feel confused and want to know how to choose the most suitable one. 

Do I need to be fit to get on an Office Treadmill?

There is no specified fitness level required to be met before making use of the office treadmill. The office treadmill keeps the body generally fit while maintaining productivity and work output. 

What is the recommended walking speed on an Office Treadmill?

Depending on what purpose the office treadmill serves, walking and running treadmills do not have the same speed limits. Nevertheless, it is advisable for beginners to start off between 1-2km/h on the walking treadmills, and between 5-7km/h on the running treadmills.

R1 pro 2 in 1 treadmill

Safety Measures on Office Treadmills 
Office treadmills are safer than regular gym treadmills, which account for 53% of accidents in the gym. Regardless, safety is paramount in all activities, and here are some cautious measures to take while on an under-desk office treadmill.
  • 1. Start slowly, especially if you are new to working and walking. Gradually increase the speed as you get familiar with the new motion.
  • 2. Keep cables and visible wires away, to avoid trips and falls. It's advisable to not plug cables across the machine but in front of it.
  • 3. Stay hydrated at all times. Regular hydration is as important as any activity you perform. So, whether it's walking, jogging, or running, try and have a bottle of water by your side to remain hydrated
  • 4. Take breaks at intervals while you are on the treadmill
  • 5. Wear proper shoes- most advisable, shoes that are comfortable to run with. Don't use an office treadmill while wearing footwear like loafers, flip-flops, and brogues.
  • 6. Stand upright and maintain good posture to avoid straining your back, neck, and shoulders.
  • 7. Ensure that the desk height, screen height, and keyboard placement are ergonomically adjusted to minimize strain on your body.
  • 8. If you're in a shared office space, educate your colleagues about the presence and safe use of the treadmill desk to prevent accidents.

Where can I get an Office Treadmill? 

Office treadmills are quite hard to find, but you can find them in big-time sports centers, and gym shops. 
Brand websites are however the best markets to get office treadmills, as you can be certain of authenticity, and can easily exert your warranty. For example, you can get affordable and high-quality office treadmills on here and many other brands on the web. 

How do I maintain my Office Treadmill? 

The parts of office treadmills vary between brands, but in general, there are a few measures that can ensure the longevity of the machine. 

  • 1. Regularly clean off dust and debris from the machine with a damp cloth and the proper cleaning solution
  • 2. Wipe off sweat patches on the machine after making use of it
  • 3. Perform occasional belt tension checks, and lubricate the hinges to reduce friction 
  • 4. Properly store the foldable office treadmills, and avoid wrapping them without caution

What’s the outstanding feature of WalkingPad treadmills?

As the creator and founder of the walking pad, the biggest feature of the WalkingPad office treadmill is the foldable function, all our treadmill products can fold a half, and X21, the famous and popular office running treadmill, it’s a 360-degree foldable function, you can put it against the wall, very convenient and easy to use and store. 

walking pad usage

At the same time, WalkingPad office treadmills have many options, the walking office treadmill with 0-6km/h speed for walking and jogging, and also low cost, such as P1, C1, C2, and A1 pro. Second is the X21 running office treadmill, which can reach 12km/h. Third, these hot sale 2 1 foldable office treadmills, like R1 pro and R2, with one machine, you can walk, jog, and run.
By the way, A1 pro also holds a 300-lb weight capacity, giving you more choice when ordering, go to to pick up your favorite one. 


The office treadmill is a promising solution to combat the sedentary nature of modern office work. As our lives continually become more desk-bound due to the increase in remote jobs, these innovative machines provide a feasible means to fix physical activity into our daily routines without the expense of productivity. The benefits are undeniable- as mentioned in this article, the office treadmill is a quick route to improved physical health, increased energy levels, enhanced mental clarity, and a potential boost in overall job satisfaction.
In the quest for healthier and more productive work environments, office treadmills are undoubtedly essential, but they are just one piece of the puzzle. Employers should continue to explore a holistic approach to employee well-being, combining technology, flexible work arrangements, and wellness programs to create workplaces where individuals can thrive both physically and professionally.

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