KingSmith Rotated Curved Disc Push-up Bracket

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Push-ups are one of the common fitness movements, which can shape the upper limb muscles well. KingSmith push-up bracket changes the usual push-up posture through direction, angle, height, balance, and other aspects, which will add more fun to the training and significantly improve the training effect.

When using KingSmith push-up bracket, you can change the support angle, position, width of the hand at any time, and even rotate while exercising, to feel the deep stimulation of the muscles due to different angles.

The push-up chassis can be disassembled easily by pulling it out, turning it into a stable push-up bracket style. Athletes can perform basic push-up exercises, which is more suitable for beginners or warm-up before exercise.


KingSmith Rotated Curved Disc Push-up Bracket
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