Kingsmith Rower: The Most Compact Water Rower Ever


Patented 3-folding design allow you enjoy rowing in a tiny apartment


Rowing is a full-body sport, engaging your upper and lower body for the ultimate balanced workout.


Ideal for all fitness levels, from teenagers to seniors, empowered with real-time data!  

Less Space, More Exercise

Revolutionary 3-fold design Kingsmith rower only take 20% space of the traditional one. Now you can enjoy rowing anytime, no matter the size of your workout area. 

Fully Body Engagement In Half The Time

Compared to a treadmill or elliptical, low-impact rowing activates often neglected upper body muscles, burning 2x the calories in half the time.

Fun And Addicting

Let's be frank, most exercise is hard and boring, which is why so many people quit. Rowing is fun, and with the sound of water paddling with every stroke, you're transported to a watery escape.  It's great for the entire family, making the King Smith Rower the perfect addition to your exercise routine.

Easy to assemble

 Designed with easy assembly in mind, so you can do it in seconds

Incredibly Portable

 With the folding design, you can place it in the trunk when moving . 

Wood design

 Natural materials for a reduced carbon footprint.

High-end APP analyze

In addition to the built-in monitor, our app offers personal courses and data.

"Love my Walkingpad A1, cannot wait for the rower from Kingsmith."

- Michael Lee

"Always hessite for a rowing machine because of its size, Kingsmith Rower seems a great idea"

- Chloe Atlas

After 1.5 million funded  Campaign, We Are Back with a new innovation! 

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