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Can walking help you lose weight? How long a day to walk is the most helpful?

by King Smith 15 Oct 2021

For some people, losing weight is a terrible struggle. Including me, I don't like sports, even if I need to exercise, I will choose the most relaxed way, such as walking ~

"Even I run 5 kilometers every day, have not lost one pound, can walking lose my weight?". This is a good question. Weight loss is the unity of calorie intake and calorie consumption. If you want to rely on simple diet control without exercise, you can't lose weight. If you want to rely on simple exercise without diet control, it will not succeed either.

However, with a certain amount of calories in your diet, you will lose weight faster if you exercise, including walking! Walking can also help you lose weight.

Walk to reduce weight, how long do you need to walk every day?

According to research, if you want to slim down by walking, may be you need the help of foldable electric treadmill, which can be stored and moved easily, letting you workout anytime you want, especially at home and office. 

A biometric research center at the University of Geneva in Switzerland said that walking for 15 minutes a day is good for the heart and mood. To lose weight by walking, you need to increase the length and speed of walking.

Another study suggests that people who are trying to lose weight should burn 100 kcal a day by walking briskly for 15 minutes.But in fact, 15 minutes of brisk walking is far from consuming 100 kilocalorie calories.

He researchers studied a sample of 6,010 Swiss men and women aged 35 to 74 over a five-year period.

According to the daily fat burning plan of these people, recommendations were given on the intensity of daily walking exercise. The participants were arranged to walk for 15-30 minutes at slow, moderate, fast walking and sprint walking speed respectively. Different speeds correspond to different metabolic rate and fat burning amount. 

Through sample collection and comparison, the data results are as follows:

For adults (on average), a slow 15-minute walk will burn only 9 kcal a day.

For adults (on average), walking slowly for 30 minutes a day burns only 25 kcal.

For adults (on average), a 15-minute moderate walk burns 36 kilocalories per day.

For adults (average), a brisk 30-minute walk burns 129 kilocalories a day.

The bottom line: the more intense the exercise, the more fat you burned.

That said, if you want to lose weight by walking, it should be done at a reasonable pace (at least 6,000 steps per hour) and should last as long as possible for more than 45 minutes per session to achieve significant weight loss, that's why many people choose treadmill pad, you can always find the one perfect, no matter what's your weight, WalkingPad treadmill can support 300lbs now. 

Walking speed is the key

Walking speed is the key to lose weight, each time maintain in 30-45 minutes between the brisk walk or stride, weight loss effect is very obvious.

Walking with walkingpad can be carried out at any time, walking weight loss is not always the same effect, the best time is 2 hours after dinner.

Each walk distance, should be between 5-10 kilometers for the best. Beginners can reduce the distance, and then gradually increase the intensity according to your own situation, the faster the better, but must do according to one's physical condition. In the early stage, walk at a constant speed, and in the later stage, try to walk at a variable speed.

Walking every day is the most important thing

Just walk like this for 30-45 minutes every day for 2-3 months and you will see significant results.In addition to weight loss, walking for more than 30 minutes a day has been shown to improve health and prolong life.

Walking is the simplest way to lose weight, because it is simple, so it is almost suitable for anyone,and also because it is simple, so it is easier to keep, can lose weight this small thing continue to go on, the rest of the effect, as long as the time can. 


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