With the innovative folding technique, the portable
machine can be folded twice.

X21 has achieved a 90° folding in addition to the previous 180° folding. Its svelte form emphasizes the unique technologies.

A simple way of living, a novel storage experience

The WalkingPad's double-fold design takes up less than 0.16m2 of space and can be stored through two simple steps.

One Handrail to Control Your Treadmill

X21 adds an operation panel to the armrest, making your operation easier. With a range of speeds ranging
from 0.5 to 12 km/h, you can adjust your running speed in real time based on your running status.

Industrial aesthetic design with a hidden LED digital display

The X21 is equipped with an integrated panel display. At rest, you can simply admire the machine's lovely
surface; but, once powered up, you may observe the data shown on the LED digital display.

Running at home without anxiety, with an exclusive app.

The KS Fit App records and tracks your fitness statistics while also controlling your X21's modes, start, stop,
acceleration, and deceleration, among other functions.


More innovative design, more attention to detail

Technical Parameters
 Product Name : Kingsmith WalkingPad X21 Treadmill
 Motor : Brushless motor
 Panel material : Acrylic 
 Body material : ABS + aluminum alloy 
 Panel connection : OLED screen 
 Rated Power : 918W
 Display Feedback : Time, Speed, Distance, Calories, Steps
 Remote Display Screen : Display feedback data
 Speed Range : 0.5-10KM/H
 Double Fold Technology : YES
 Unfold Size : 1420*720*1020mm  
 Folded Size : 710*955*226mm  
 User Capacity : 100KG / 220 lbs
 Walking Area : 460*1210mm  
 Walking Area : 460*1210mm  
 Other functions : User-defined speed limit, overload protection, automatic standby,child lock function 
 Frequency  : 50- 60Hz 
Package Included
 WalkingPad * 1 Power Cord * 1 
 Remote Control * 1  Remote Control Lanyard * 1 
 Allan Wrench * 1  Silicon Lubricant * 1
Packing Detail
 Net Weight : 36kg / 79 lbs
 Gross Weight : 40.5kg / 89 lbs
Additional Option
 APP : Available for both IOS & Android
 Color option : Space gray 
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