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Our trustful technicians and customer service are dedicated to helping individuals and commercial clients 24/7. Just send any question to We’d love to offer help on repairing or maintaining products.

WalkingPad products consist of unique parts, such as bolts, pulleys, and strips. Unlike other types of treadmills, WalkingPad minimizes the excessive materials and simplifies the design to highlight its lightweight. For example, it revolutionizes the traditional steel frame structure and uses aluminum alloy instead. Although the weight of the products has been decreased, the quality hasn’t. The aluminum alloy gives the walking treadmill a light but strong frame structure, allowing the weight capacity of 110kg/240lbs.  

Although our products are of high quality and remarkable endurance, some parts may still need maintenance to ensure optimal performance. We know that having your own home gym equipment means more troubles compared with going to the gym. But don’t worry! WalkingPad Tech Support Team will help you take care of your home fitness equipment.

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Basic Service

For commercial clients or individuals within the warranty period, we offer technical support from our qualified fitness equipment technicians. A preliminary diagnosis will be performed upon receiving your request email, and the repair will be completed at your site by the 3rd party service center we cooperate with. Email us to arrange an appointment.

For those beyond the warranty period, we could recommend the nearest repair service store for you, but any charge occurred will not be covered by WalkingPad.

Warranty Extend

WalkingPad Warranty Program is a post-sale program which is designed to prolong the warranty of your equipment and increase the lifespan of the machine. The most amazing part of joining the WalkingPad Warranty Program is that you can enjoy our warranty for ONE more year. That means after joining the program, you’ll have a 2-year warranty from the day you receive our product.

Join this warranty program simply by signing up on this website, and you will extend your warranty to 2 years! Go sign up now!

Local Service Center

We're planning to cooperate with a 3rd party repair service center in the US, but we're still looking for an appropriate one.

If your product has any problem that needs to be diagnosed or repaired, please contact us via email. We’ll see whether we could fix this problem through remote technical support or you need to send the product to our overseas warehouse for repair.

Once we have found the appropriate service center, we’ll let you know.

Download Owner's Manual

For any operation related questions, we recommend you to download and check our owner's manual first. If you still have questions, email us and we'd love to offer help. Click the button below to get a handy help from the instructions.

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