Non-slip WalkingPad Fitness Equipment Treadmill Floor Mat
The WalkingPad treadmill mat is essential to protect your floor from wear and tear on the WalkingPad treadmill. Using high-density PVC foam material, more durable and more comfortable. It is characterized by a soft, textured foundation, perfect vibration, and noise...
Power Plug for WalkingPad
This power cord is used for every WalkingPad treadmill ( A1/ A1 Pro/ C1/ C2/ R1 Pro/R2). Please choose the correct version of your country. *Purchase this product separately requires a $30 shipping fee.
Remote control for WalkingPad
Remote control for WalkingPad A1 Pro/R1/R2/P1/C1 *Purchase this product separately requires a $30 shipping fee. *Due to logistics requirements, some areas do not include batteries. The battery type is CR2032.
KingSmith Rotated Curved Disc Push-up Bracket
Push-ups are one of the common fitness movements, which can shape the upper limb muscles well. KingSmith push-up bracket changes the usual push-up posture through direction, angle, height, balance, and other aspects, which will add more fun to the training...
$39.00 $20.00
Detachable Handrail for KingSmith WalkingPad A1 and A1 Pro
With this assemblable treadmill handrail, a WalkingPad can turn into a running treadmill. By simply assembling the handrail to a walking treadmill, you are protected and safe when running on the pad. It can be perfectly folded to suit the shape...
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