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Without being controlled by weather and time, a home treadmill offers you maximum fitness freedom, turn on it and start your daily sports anytime you want, not only can you carry out aerobic exercise training, but also shape a perfect body. With a WalkingPad home treadmill, you can enjoy walking and running. Mainly designed for home usage, simulating different exercise environments and speed, WalkingPad will finish your sports goals at home comfortably.

WalkingPad Cost-ffective R1 Pro

Cheap price with full-featured, with phone holder, sturdy handle, built-in wheels, safety key, remote and fashion appearance, if you want to running, this one is totally worth the price!
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WalkingPad High-end R2

Wider and longer belt than R1 Pro, fast speed reach to 12km/h, good for walking and running, 240lbs weight capacity, luxury configuration for your higher needs!
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WalkingPad Best Running X21

The only one home treadmill only for running, 12km/h maximum speed, wider and longer belt size, totally fold, LED display, sturdy handle, stable frame, fashion color, phone holder, quite competitive price, visit now!
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Why Buy An Indoor Treadmill 

Compared with traditional running treadmill on gym, the home office treadmill needs less investment, but can enjoy big concenience. You don't need to bear the noisy running environment in the gym. Open your music, unfold your home treadmill, and your daily exercise will begin in your own space, which is clean, safe, and comfortable. By the way, the WalkingPad treadmill home is foldable, which is compact and lightweight, no matter what's your sport level and goal, WalkingPad has a workout machine for you, high performance, easy operation, and a portable structure, WalkingPad home treadmills provide you total freedom for running without the limitation of time and weather.

Walking Home Treadmills Options

WalkingPad Best Price C1

The cheapest one on WalkingPad, with 6km/h maximum speed, 220lbs weight capacity, fashion grey and classic white color, if you only want to move more, this one can't be missed!
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WalkingPad Colorful C2

Brushless motor, LED display, grey, black, blue, yellow and red options, 6km/h maximum speed, big discount now, foldable and portable, high performance, offers you great experience!
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WalkingPad Fashion P1

Almost no one would say no to pink, same goes for pink treadmills, modern style and fashion color, wider belt size, you will love it the first time you see it, shop now!
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What's The Best Treadmill for Home Use

The best treadmill for home use is different for many people. The best home treadmill is a complex of function, safety, style, patent, and technology. The best treadmill home not only can complete your sports goals, but also meet your budget, and also is suitable for your home space. In a word, using your ideal price for treadmills home that meets all your exercise demands in your home, then these good home treadmill is your best, under its help, you can keep active every day.

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Yes. A Home Treadmill is Worth It

As the research shows, our human body doesn't suit sitting for a long time, however, about 83 percent of jobs need sedentary since 1950, actually our body needs to keep upright, walk, and even run, a treadmill home will assist more.

In a word, a home treadmill helps a lot, keeping an active mood, reducing life stress, relaxing nerves, building the body, improving health, and losing weight. So yes, of course, a treadmill for home use is worth it.
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Home Treadmills Questions

It's different based on your goals and demand.

If you only want to walk more steps and don't chase fast speed, a home treadmill for walking is your first choice. With a small space and a low budget, you will get one.

Usually, the walking home treadmill is from $350, with a maximum speed of 6km/h, 22kg to 28.5 kg net weight, and 300lbs maximum weight capacity, all WalkingPad walking treadmills home all install with two built-in wheels, so they are easy to store and move.

But if running more and want to have a fast speed on a treadmill, the 2 in 1 foldable treadmill for home is better. This type not only can be used for running but also for walking and jogging, with a 12km/h maximum speed, it will satisfy your running demand.

At the same time, these 2 in 1 home treadmills also hold a big horsepower motor, LED display, sturdy handle, and safety key, While providing you with convenience, it will also ensure your safety.

But the running one needs a little higher budget, which from $599, if you use these functions of it, then it's worth it.

So many home treadmills with different functions and specifications, which one is best for me? What should I consider when ordering, how to choose my best home treadmill? If you're new to the treadmill home market, I'm sure you will have these questions, find your answers below.

When buying a home treadmill, price and appearance is vital, but we also should know more about its performance and function. Different running spaces and goals need diverse treadmill configurations. There are 8 factors we should consider when choosing a home treadmill.

1. Belt. The length and width of running belt are important factors we need to consider when choosing a home treadmill. The running belt is the part of treadmill that you touch the most, which plays an important role in running comfort and safety. A longer and wider belt offers you big activity space. The wide belt allows a large range of motion, and the body can also stretch out better, therefore lead to a great exercise effect. Choosing the belt based on your height, usually a 55-inch long belt is okay for walking or running. If you're taller, you can choose the wider as well.

2. Horsepower. The horsepower decides the speed of a home treadmill. If your treadmill is mainly used for walking or jogging, 1hp is good for operation, while if for running at a fast speed, you should choose the one with horsepower over 1.5hp.

3. Save space. If the home treadmill is foldable or not is also a vital factor when picking a treadmill, especially for an apartment or limited space, after using it, just put it under a desk, bed, or sofa, a foldable treadmill will help a lot for making full use of home space.

4. Sport goals. Usually, there are mainly two types of home treadmills, for walking and running. A walking slim home treadmill requires less features than running.

5. Budget. Generally speaking, before purchasing, you need to think of your budget, how much you want to invest in this home treadmill, and what effect you want to get. If you don't get one that achieves your sports goals, there's a good chance that you don't use it. On the other hand, we may have mental stress when spending more than our budget. So thinking twice will be great.

6. Other features. If you're a senior runner, may you have more demands for a treadmill for home gym. For example, if you want a home treadmill that holds a clear display that can show exercise results, such as speed, time, distance, and so on.

Usually, a home treadmill needs to lubricate after 40 hours of usage or every 3 months. Of course, manufacturers require different, we should check the instruction to know exactly.

One point we should know, for a home treadmill, inexpensive shouldn't mean bad quality. Compared to a traditional running treadmill on gym, a home treadmill spends less, but you also can enjoy great performance and service from it. The different price pays for different function, speed, and features, for example, a walking indoor treadmill enjoys less price than a running home treadmill, because a running treadmill home needs to pay for wide belt size, fast running speed, and large horsepower motor.

For WalkingPad, the basic walking treadmill needs about $370, and for a running treadmill, need about $699 you can get one. Of course, we have other choices for more functions and features, you can choose based on your demand.

Generally speaking, the treadmill home holds bigger exercise intensity compared with other aerobic fitness equipment, and it does great help to lose weight.

As we all know, regular walking and running can burn calories, but lose weight also based on your exercise method. For example, if only running 10 minutes on the treadmill, even at a fast speed, you can't feel good weight loss. While things get different, if you keep running for about 30 minutes at 6 or 8 miles per hour, you will enjoy a better effect of losing weight.

Yes. I think running on a treadmill is better than running outside. First, running on a mini treadmill for home not only can't spend more space, but also save you time, such as you don't need to face the terrible traffic, don't care about the holes in the road, and your exercise goals will come true.

Second, adopt to advanced patent technology, all WalkingPad home treadmills equiped with a professional fourth-layer running deck, which can reduce shock and noise effectively, as well as its great cushioning function can protect our knees and ankle perfectly.

Third, there will be lots of freedom that you can get when running on the home treadmill. You can running at the time you want, and listening to the music you like, offering big convenience for the people who need to sitting a long time.

If you're desk work people and want to move more, then yes, you should buy a folding treadmill, especially if you want to use it on apartment or limited space, then the foldable one is good choice, after usage, you can put it under desk, bed and sofa.

As the leader of a foldable treadmill, WalkingPad can provide you with slim and thin home treadmills that take up little space but operation well. Together with many related agencies, WalkingPad formulated many industry standards.

During these years development, we always insist on providing users with good products, and has been sticking to innovation, and constantly improve the quality of products. So far, we won many prizes that include 6 international awards, 220 patent applications, and 19 patents. Relying on excellent quality and a responsible attitude, the WalkingPad treadmills home for sale has won a great reputation among our customers.

Own 3 factories in different cities, we can offer you the most advanced technology and convenient delivery. Holds over 80 professional experts team, before being published, each WalkingPad foldable treadmill in home has experience several times of research, designs, developments, and tests, that's why WalkingPad home treadmills enjoy long service life, fashion appearance, smooth operation, and great quality.

Enjoying over 20 years of rich experience, WalkingPad is always at the forefront of research and development, we always offer thoughtful and comprehensive service. Choosing WalkingPad will be your smart choice.
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