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The difference between A1 and A1 Pro

by King Smith 11 Oct 2021

Today, I read an article which said WalkingPad A1 and A1 Pro are the same machine but have the different price. I think this is definitely a misunderstanding of A1 Pro, because it has made great improvements in functions and performance.

They look like a “twin brother" in name and appearance, which is the source of the misunderstanding, of course, if you learn more about the two under desk treadmills, you will find that they are actually "fraternal twins". The WalkingPad A1 Pro is a quiet black, it uses IML borax texture to cover its head, which gives clear motion data and makes the body more wearable.

Someone might say, I don't like the cosmetic upgrade, then don't worry, there are plenty of new features in the WalkingPad A1 Pro. When we want to work while walking, we are more concerned about whether it is noisy. Our A1 pro adopts brushless motor, which greatly reduces the noise of the machine and improves the motor life.The walkingPad A1 pro also boosts the power of the motor, which can hold up to 105Kg, compared with 90Kg for the WalkingPad A1, A1 Pro is the first foldable treadmill for 300lbs

When it comes to tracking your activity with an app, you'll definitely prefer the A1 Pro, because we've customized the KS Fit app for it, which allows you to record your detailed activity data and display it on the head display. The A1 Pro has more safety system, with the addition of a children's lock.

Model A1  A1PRO
 Motor  Brush motor Brushless motor
Power(HP) 1 1.25
Rated power(W) 765(1HP) 918(1.25HP)
User Capacity(KG) 90 105
Panel Craftsmanship IML High precision IML injection molding
Color Grey Quiet black
App no  KS fit 
 Net Weight(KG) 27 28
Gross Weight (KG) 29 31
Security measures —— Children lock  
 Speed Range(KM)  0.5-6km 
Unfolded Dimensions(mm) 1432×547×129 1432×547×129
Folded Dimensions(mm) 822×547×129 822×547×129
Walking Area(mm) 1200*415 1200*415
Folding technology Fuselage 180° folding area of 0.45 square meters
Control the speed Yes (pressure sensor)
Running belt 1. Running belt PVC 2-3. Two layers of soft running board (smooth wear-resistant layer PET + shock absorption layer EVA)  4. Medium density board
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