Quick Weight Loss: What happens if you work out without a diet?

Quick Weight Loss: What happens if you work out without a diet?

Quick weight loss has always been a popular topic, whether it’s for health-related purposes or merely aesthetic reasons.

The benefits of maintaining a healthy weight are well-known to many, with some benefits including decreased risk of disease, as well as better heart health.

Why people are so obsessed with quick weight loss?

With societal standards of the 21st century, “fat shaming” and social media influencers, it’s no surprise that people tend to have an unhealthy obsession with weight loss.

With the wide array of fitness plans available, unlimited resources and information out there, quick weight loss need not be such a complicated process.

What kind of people are more likely to suffer from excessive weight gain?

Some people are more susceptible to weight gain, and this can depend on a range of reasons.

This could be due to hormonal imbalances, lack of adequate exercise and poor diet choice, with those more prone to weight gain usually eating a diet high in fat and not being active enough.

Those who suffer from diabetes and other hereditary diseases are also more prone to suffer from excessive weight gain and obesity-related issues, simply due to poor diets and inherited diseases from their relatives.

Why people nowadays are choosing to live healthier lifestyles

With the wide range of weight-loss programs, easy-to-follow free diet plans, and a vast array of knowledge on healthy eating and advice all over the internet; people are starting to adapt much healthier lifestyles.

Especially with the plethora of social media influencers putting unrealistic expectations on the average Joe, both men and women are pressured to chisel their body to be able to fit in with these norms.

Whether people are looking to build muscle, lose weight or improve their lifestyles to reduce the likelihood of disease, there is a wide array of reasons as to why one would choose to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Peer pressure and loved ones

As mentioned in the above, social media platforms, with influencers, as well as mainstream media, models, and filters making people look unrealistically thin, many may be pressured to lose weight quickly from what they see in their day today.

Family and friends also may also pressure an individual to want to lose weight and that extra pressure may well be another significant reason as to why a vast majority of people are obsessed with losing weight.

7 exercises scientifically proven to help lose weight quickly

7 exercises to help lose weight quickly

There are numerous exercises one could incorporate into their day to day to help speed up their ability to burn fat.

1. Burpees

Burpees is an anaerobic callisthenic workout that can be done anywhere and enhances cardiovascular fitness.

A great workout to do in your home, and you can burn on average 240 to 355 calories from 30 minutes of burpees.

2. Incline sprints

Running is a well-known exercise known to be very good for general health and quick weight loss. Incline sprints are a great example of anaerobic exercise, that works an array of muscle groups.

Some of which include the lower back muscles, glute muscles, hamstrings, quads, and calves. Working for these large muscle groups simultaneously is a sure-fire way to burn fat.

Thousands of calories can be burned sprinting up a hill, with sources to calculate exactly how much, which you can adjust according to your physiology, and incline level.

3. Skipping (Jump rope)

Another aerobic exercise that works for numerous muscle groups. Commonly used by boxers and other athletes alike, this form of cardiovascular exercise is very effective, working for numerous muscle groups.

Some of which include the calves, quadriceps, and hamstrings, working for these large muscle groups in conjunction with one another is a great way to burn a minimum of 11 calories per minute of the activity, and with a higher intensity can bump up to 20 calories per minute.

4. Battling ropes

Battle ropes are another commonly practiced exercise. A form of cardio, a battle rope workout works for numerous muscle groups, although commonly associated with being an upper body workout.

Other muscle groups that battle ropes can help work are the abs, glutes, and legs. You can also have numerous variations of the workout and mix it up by incorporating some lunges and squats in the workout.

5. Kettle bells

More commonly associated with weightlifting and strength training, kettlebells, when used, stimulate numerous muscle groups, across many parts of the body.

Starting from the hamstrings, to the glutes, abs, pecs and even shoulders, utilizing all these muscle groups at a high intensity is another way to shed extra pounds.

You can easily burn over 100 calories in a single 30-minute kettlebell workout, depending on your weight, and the intensity in which you are working out.

6. Box squat jump

The box squat jumping workout is yet another anaerobic exercise targeting numerous muscle groups, including the main muscles, worked (glutes, hamstrings, and calves) involved in the movement, as well as the core, which helps with the stabilization of the maneuver.

7. Bear crawl

The bear crawl workout is a full body workout, working for the core, shoulders, arms, and glute muscle groups. The average 10-minute bear crawl workout can burn 100 calories and is one you can incorporate into your daily routine.

Exercise and diet are often methods used to lose weight quickly; can I lose weight with exercise alone?

In essence, no.

Exercise and a healthy diet work hand in hand and are co-dependent when it comes to an efficient quick weight loss regime.

What happens if we work out without utilizing a healthy diet?

The body is a machine, without the adequate fuel, in this case being the food, you can’t expect to be working as efficiently as possible without the right nutrition.

The body’s blood vessels carry oxygen to the blood so cells can respire, and muscles cannot function properly without oxygen.

Too many fatty foods, as opposed to nutritional foods such as fruits and vegetables, could potentially hinder the body’s ability to effectively pump oxygen around the body, and over time you would hinder your ability to effectively work out.

21 weight-loss foods to help burn belly fat (and recipes)

21 weight-loss foods for quick weight loss

In essence, there’s no use exercising without a healthy diet backing you up. When considering a quick weight loss regimen, you must ensure that your diet signs with your overall goals.

Here are 21 weight-loss friendly foods you can incorporate in your diet today, some with links to weight loss recipes.

1. Sweet potatoes

The high fiber content in sweet potatoes helps you to lose weight quickly, as well as its general low-calorie nature. It’s a low glycemic food, meaning it doesn’t spike your blood sugar, making it the ideal carb to accompany your meals.

Recipe for sweet potato mash
Recipe by RAINSPIRIT on Allrecipes.com

2. Black beans

Black beans, although usually eaten in burritos, is actually very low in fat and high in fiber. Its high protein content makes it a great source of post-workout protein, so you can eat these without the guilt!

3. Avocados

Although considered a source of healthy fat, it’s important to recognize that not all fats are created equal. Avocados help you to feel fuller quicker, and lower LDL (or “bad”) cholesterol, as well as boosting metabolism, a great way to incorporate it into your diet is to add half an avocado to a salad.

Cucumber Tomato Avocado Salad
Photo by Natasha

4. Plums

A single plum only contains 30 calories, rich in fiber, and rich in Vitamin C. This makes it a healthy snack that you can incorporate into your daily diet, which can be eaten on-the-go or as a quick breakfast.

5. Beetroot

Adding beetroot to your diet can be a good way to incorporate food rich in a range of nutrients, including Vitamin C, Folate and Magnesium, as well as being rich in fiber, helping you to feel fuller, quicker. Beets are well-known to help aid in quick weight loss and can be easily incorporated into your diet by adding it to a salad.

beetroot and avocado salad
Photo by Nargisse

6. Coconut oil

As an oil, you’d be surprised to find this addition in the list. Returning to the point about healthy fats being beneficial for weight loss, its healthy fatty acid make-up provides the body with a range of benefits to aid weight loss, some of which include its ability to boost metabolism. Coconut oil can be lightly heated and added as part of your salad dressing.

7. Greek yoghurt

Greek yogurt is a weight-loss friendly food due to the fact that it is high in protein and low in sugars, meaning those who incorporate it into their diet will feel fuller for longer, in turn curbing their desire to eat more. Great with berries and other fruits, which also help aid in quick weight loss efforts.

Greek yoghurt berry smoothie recipe
recipe by Damn Delicious

Check the full greek yoghurt berry smoothie recipe at damndelicious.net

8. Turmeric

With turmeric’s active ingredient being curcumin, an antioxidant associated with a reduction of inflammation highly associated with obesity, this spice is a great addition to your stews and even rice, to help give your meals a nutritional boost that may help aid your weight loss efforts.

Turmeric rice recipe
Recipe by chia2160

Check the full turmeric rice recipe on geniuskitchen.com.

9. Bananas

With bananas, being a high fiber, low-calorie fruit, it is a great option for those looking for a quick snack in the morning, on-the-go, or post-workout. Great on its own, or in smoothies.

Photo by Lacey

10. Cinnamon

Cinnamon has been proven to reduce the effects of eating high-fat foods in excess. It can lower blood glucose levels, ultimately assisting in weight reduction. Can be added to smoothies, or you can try with cinnamon, lemon, water drink to help aid you in your weight loss efforts.

11. Wholegrain bread

White bread is all too commonly eaten, leading to high blood sugar levels from the breakdown of refined carbs into sugar, a simple change that could be made to your daily diet, by swapping white bread for wholegrain bread.

12. Cayenne pepper

For those who don’t mind a bit of spice in their life, Cayenne pepper has been reported to help burn calories due to its spicy nature, as well as boosting your metabolism.

13. Raspberries

Raspberries are a good alternative to other higher calorie desserts, high in antioxidants, low in calories and high in Ketone, a nutrient known to help aid weight loss.

raspberry smoothie recipe
recipe by Sara

Check the full raspberry smoothie recipe at dinneratthezoo.com

14. Apples

With its high water, high fiber and low-calorie content, apples are a great fruit to eat when you’re peckish, that doesn’t compromise the calories.

Apple Cinnamon Breakfast Smoothie recipe by Alla

15. Grapes

With its virtually fat-free content and low calories, grapes are a great, high fiber, satiating fruit for those who wish to have a fulfilling breakfast, but don’t want to pile on the pounds.

16. Jasmin tea

Jasmine tea is a popularly consumed beverage to help aid in weight loss. It can also help boost metabolism.

17. Blueberries

Blueberries are high in antioxidants, virtually fat and calorie free, as well as other nutrients such as vitamin K.

18. Oranges

Oranges are famous for their Vitamin C content, as well as being a source of calcium, high in fiber and low in calories. With its high nutrient and fiber content, it can help you feel fuller, for longer.

19. Coffee

Coffee can improve metabolic rate and fat burning capabilities, as well as working as a diuretic to help you eliminate waste more conveniently, who’d have thought your morning coffee can help you lose weight?

20. Mushrooms

Mushrooms provide a meaty texture that many may choose to use as a substitute for meat in their favorite dishes, with its high fiber and vitamin D content; they also provide a range of health benefits as well as aiding in weight loss efforts.

21. Cucumber

Cucumber is a high fiber fruit (treated as a vegetable), also high in essential nutrients C and K. It’s high water content helps you to feel fuller longer, and can be incorporated in sandwiches, salads and eaten on its own.

Cucumber salad recipe
Cucumber salad recipe by Neli

Check the full cucumber salad recipe at deliciousmeetshealthy.com

Why many give up, and how to maintain a fitness regimen

Many may give up a fitness routine simply because they have not made it a habit. It takes 21 days to make a habit, and 90 days to make a lifestyle, so bear these factors in mind when embarking on a fitness journey.

If you feel you’ll fall off your routine, it’s best to start off your fitness journey with a friend or relative, that way you can be held accountable if you skip a day, and vice versa, mutual motivation can go a long way when it comes to starting and maintaining and weight loss regimen.

In essence, as long as you eat more vegetables, drink more water and ensure that you are exercising regularly, you should be able to easily get into and maintain a fitness routine.

Losing weight is no straight road to success, it is a process, and it will come with its ups and downs.

It’s all about forming good habits, ditching bad habits, and as long as you remember this before you know it you’ll be on your way to a fitter, much healthier version of yourself.

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