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Super Space-saving

A Truly Foldable Treadmill That Takes 90% Less Space.

WalkingPad R1 Pro can be easily folded up for compact and simple storage. 

Big Goal For Health

Superior Foldable Design;

Dual-mode Exercise Machine;

Best Option For Both Running and Walking.

Light, Ultra-thin & Quiet

Lightweight, strong construction.

Fold up this walking treadmill and put it under your bed (occupied area 0.44㎡).

Quiet for workplace & home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the big differences between WalkingPad R1 Pro and WalkingPad A1 (A1 Pro, C1)?

The big differences between WalkingPad R1 Pro and WalkingPad A1 (A1 Pro, C1) are as below:

Speed limit:

WalkingPad R1 Pro - 6.2mph / 10km/h ; 

WalkingPad A1 (A1 Pro, C1) - 3.7mph / 6km/h


Weight capacity:

WalkingPad R1 Pro - 110kg/242lbs ;

WalkingPad A1 (A1 Pro, C1)- 100kg/220lbs



The WalkingPad R1 Pro has one, but the A1 (A1 Pro, C1) doesn't.

Safety key:

The WalkingPad R1 Pro has one for running, but the WalkingPad A1 (A1 Pro, C1) doesn't.

What's the difference between WalkingPad A1 and A1 Pro?

WalkingPad A1 Pro has a brushless motor which is more quiet and usable. But A1 has a non brushless motor.

WalkingPad A1 Pro is black, A1 is grey.

What's the battery type for the remote?

The battery type is CR2032. It's a normal type that you can buy from a local shop.

Because battery is limited on sea freight and flight, so we remove the batterie from the remote.

How to register the APP?

Please download the KS Fit APP from google play store or Apple APP store. 

Before registering the APP, please change the country into yours on the homepage of the APP. Because phone number registeration is only available for Chinese users. Oversea customers should register with emails.

If your country is not listed in the APP yet, please choose anyone else, just not China Mainland.

After you create an account with your email, you will receive a verification email to verify your account. Then you will be able to login. If you can't receive the verification email, please also check the junk mail box. If nothing received, please contact us at

Can I run on the WalkingPad R1 Pro?

Yes, you can run on the WalkingPad R1 Pro. It can run up to 10km/h.

What should I know as a WalkingPad R1 Pro user?


Before starting the machine, please make sure the red safety key is plugged into the handrail bar. Otherwise it will display "SAFE" on the display. It's designed for safety like the design of traditional treadmills. When the safety key is pulled out, the WalkingPad will stop. When running on the R1 Pro, please clip the clip to your clothes.


When the handrail is vertical, the "A" auto mode is not available. You can only use the "A" auto mode with the handrail horizontal.


Does the WalkingPad models have incline or decine?

No, the WalkingPad is different from a regular treadmill.


We hope this message finds you healthy and safe.

As COVID-19 continues to impact our world, we are currently operational and can help you with your home exercise needs.

Online order shipments may take longer than usual.

We’re working to get your order to you as quickly as possible and we're here for you if you have any questions.

Please make sure your address is still available for the delivery before ordering.


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